Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WIP-it Down

Today I am going to start to focus on a few of my oldest WIPs and I plan to spend all day, each day working on one old WIP.  I am on Spring Break from work/school right now and I am in need of some serious downtime.  I am tired and need to relax for a few days.  Plus we have a couple storm systems moving this way so what better plan than to stay indoors where I am safe, warm and dry (and craft)  My plan over the next four days is to focus on each of my four oldest WIPs.

1) Wednesday - Sojourn Falls Scarf
2) Thursday - Spring Leaves Scarf
3) Friday - Mindless Afghan
4) Saturday - Natural Beauty Wrap

Here is where I am at right now on Sojourn Falls.  I cast this scarf on April 4th 2011 and I have not done a drop of work on it since May 2011.  It is time to shake the dust off it and get some more work done on it today.  Currently I have 13 full repeats done and let's see how many more I can do today :)  Here is my "before" photo (I'll post an "after" photo tomorrow morning)


  1. Are those beads on the three cables? It looks much lighter and sparkly. Very nice scarf so far!

    1. Thanks and yes there are beads :) This is my first project with beads!