Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WIP-it Wednesday (April 18th 2012)

I have managed to get myself down to four WIPs!!  This still may be too many as I am not spending time on each one - although I am trying to keep up and keep them each active.  Maybe three is an optimal number for me??  Anyway, here are my four WIPs

1) Mindless - this is my oldest WIP and the one that will likely continue to be on my list for awhile.  It is currently at 15 inches now and I have done some on this over the past few weeks.

2) Natural Beauty Wrap - this one is just past the half way point and I am tired of it...  It will be wonderful once it is done, but I am tired of it...

3) Odyssey - I am enjoying this one but can't wait until it is finished!! I now have Chart 14 compete and am at 46% complete!

4) Mystery socks - these are my first mystery socks and I am enjoying working on them!!  I have Clue 2 complete now and am ready to begin Clue 3 with the heel turns.

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