Sunday, November 24, 2013

WIP-it Down - Day 2

So I got a good chunk of knitting done on my Solid Sock Mystery Socks yesterday - I finished Clue 3 on one sock and only have 5 more rounds to go on Clue 3 on the second sock.  I may work on this a bit more late this afternoon once I am back home.  Here is a progress picture of the socks:

Today we have church, lunch, and then I plan to help hubby paint his new office after lunch.  We should be home mid afternoon - maybe by 3 or 4.  I plan to take my new cowl with me to work on in a few spare minutes today and while hubby is driving to and fro.  I will likely switch back to the socks after we are home (or may continue with the cowl).

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