Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hand Surgery

I have been having problems with a trigger finger since the summer.  It has progressively gotten worse and worse over time - beginning with a bit of an ache in my hand to full on triggering in my finger (left hand pinkie finger).  I have had this trouble with my left thumb in the past and ended up having trigger release surgery for that.  My pinkie was following the same path...  First the aching, then conservative attempts to fix it - wearing a brace and taking ibuprofen,,,  That did not work.  So off to see an orthopedic specialist.  I got the referral on November 13th and have my consult on Monday November 17th.  Chatting with him we decided to forgo the cortisone shot (tried it on my thumb three years ago and it did not give me any long term relief) and go straight to surgery.  Surgery was scheduled for Friday November 21st!!  Holy smokes that was fast!!

Surgery went well.  I had it done with a local anesthetic with no sedation.  When I had my thumb done it was with a local and sedation - if I ever need a third finger done I want sedation again!!  This did not hurt but I did not enjoy the sensation of being wide awake during the procedure.  The procedure itself took only 30 minutes or so - including time for my hand to freeze up.  We arrived at the surgical center at 7:15am, surgery was scheduled for 8am and we were out eating breakfast before 10am.  Quite a quick procedure.

The pain is not too bad.  On Friday I was eating pain pills every four hours.  On Saturday I was taking ibuprofen every four hours and the heavy duty pain meds at bedtime.  Since then I have been taking less and less pain medication.  Typing is tricky!  I am able to use one or two fingers on my left hand to type.  I am still wearing the big wrap on my hand - it is not needed but I feel better having the extra protection on my hand to cushion against any bumps.  My finger is still a bit numb and tingly but the nurse at the surgical center tells me this is normal and that it will fade away as my finger heals up.  It is less numb than it was but still feels weird.  No knitting yet - I can't figure out how to hold the needles with the wrapping on my hand and I suspect it would be uncomfortable just yet.  I have been sewing together crochet squares that have been around for a long time!!

Here are some pictures:

November 21st - Day 1  This is the bandaging I was sent home in

November 23rd Sunday morning Day 3 - Bandaging is off and this is what it looks like

Day 3 close up - lots of bruising starting!!

November 25th Tuesday Day 5 - still looking bruised and sore

Day 5 - close up is looking nicer now but the bruising is darker and there is some swelling!!

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  1. I hope it heals quickly for you. I have the same problem on my ring finger on my left hand. I am trying to avoid surgery, but have a feeling it is in the cards for me as well.