Tuesday, June 7, 2011

E is for "Enjoyment"

Oops I am late in getting my post up...  In my defense I was out of town from the 1st until last night (the 6th) but that is probably no excuse as I could have had this ready early and then just posted...  Maybe one day I will get myself more organized :) 

So today I am writing about Enjoyment!  I like to focus on the positive and I like to get enjoyment out of as much of life as I can.  I love to do things that make me happy and I try to find the bright side of everything.  It doesn't help to mumble and complain about things and to me it seems to be a waste of time (mostly - there are exceptions when complaining is necessary and should be done, but not all the time as some people do...)  There are so many things in this world that can bring enjoyment!  A pretty flower, a sunrise, a sunset, laughter, rainbows, gentle rain, sitting in a sunbeam, sipping a nice cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, enjoying a good meal and conversation with friends, quiet, knitting, crocheting, and the list can go on forever! 

So how about it??  Try to look at things from a happy, positive viewpoint and ENJOY!!!


  1. I agree completely Karen. Life's too short to be stressed and finding something wrong with everything & everyone.
    Sometimes life IS crap, but if you can't change it, then just get on with it (with a smile) and be grateful for the things/people that you do have. :)

  2. I agree! Everyone always tell me off for being too optomistic, but it makes me so much happier!

  3. Yep, I agree. Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed by 'stuff' going on, but something simple like an old knitting pattern, a newly opened flower, or a cat wandering across the garden will make me smile. Right now it's fledglings learning how to use the bird feeder.
    Have a Happy Day.