Saturday, June 18, 2011


Good morning!  I slept in this morning and I have plans to do nothing much but crochet and sew squares together all day long!  Maybe watch some TV and a movie along the way.  I have been too busy this past while and am ready to have a quiet day!!  I am going to work on my Around the World quilt-ghan.  I have quite a few squares to sew onto the blanket and need to make a bunch more. Her is what I have lined up for today:


  1. That quilt-ghan looks so pretty. I love the progression of the colors/gradient!

    PS: Check your Ravelry messages. :) Would you prefer I email you with future correspondence (since I just figured out how to get the email address you entered when you commented on my blog)?

  2. gorgeous - I love the progression too. It will look amazing when done.