Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIP-it Wednesday (July 31st 2013)

I made a lot of progress on my Zip socks this week!  I am hoping that I can report a finished object on Friday!!  I am almost ready to start the toe decreases on the first sock and on the second sock (I had to steal the needle from that one to work on something else...) I am ready to begin the heel flap.  I suspect I will be on that later today!!



To see more of other people's WIPs please head on over to Tami's Amis!


  1. How cute are those? The designer must have a good sense of humor.

    I just love that you are using a red zipper.

  2. Like Kathleen I love the brightly coloured zipper. After all, the zipper's the whole point right. And wow, are you 'zipping' through these socks quickly!

  3. Those are definitely some interesting socks...not "me" but I find them interesting.

  4. Those are totally awesome! I too love the pop of colour the zipper gives, can't wait to see these done.