Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Year of Projects - August 17th 2014

Woo Hoo! I am updating my blog on Sunday!!  This week has been a productive designing week!

1) I finished my cable cowl - Chain Link Fence Cowl - the cowl is complete, pattern is written, pictures are taken, and the pattern is up in my Rav store.

2) I finished another cowl!  Easy Like Sunday Morning Cowl - the cowl is complete, pattern is written, pictures are taken, and the pattern is up in my Rav store.  I love this cowl!!

3) And a crochet design!  Sailing Away Cowl - the cowl is complete, pattern is written, pictures are taken, and the pattern is up for testing over here.

I have also been mulling over my secret design and I am starting to think it will be coming out too small.  I may have to rethink this one!!  In the meantime, I have cast on for another secret design to replace the earlier one.  Once I decide for sure what I will do with the early design I will let you know :)

Progress Summary:
Sock Madness 8:
1. Chill Thrill (round 6 socks)
2. Alexandrina (round 7 socks)
Tour de Sock:
1. Dazzle Them From Behind (Stage 4)  DONE!!  Finished July 18th 2014 Link to finished project page
2. Arch-Nemesis (Stage 5) Started July 18th 2014 (no progress this past week)
3. Double Flake Squirrel Socks (Stage 6) Started July 21th 2014 (no progress this past week)
Other WIPs to finish:
1. Advent Calendar scarf
2. Crochet scrap afghan 
3. Sock Scrap afghan Started July 24th 2014 (no progress this past week)
1) Secret design begun July 30th 2014.  I have the two cuffs complete (one in size small and one in size large).  I can't post pictures here as it is being submitted somewhere and secrecy is important.
2) Blue Ice Cowl DONE!!  Finished August 7th 2014
3) Circle Illusion Cowl DONE!!  Finished August 9th 2014
4) Chain Link Fence Cowl DONE!!  Finished August 11th 2014
5) Easy Like Sunday Morning Cowl DONE!!  Finished August 15th 2014
6) Sailing Away Cowl - new design in testing

My Ravelry projects page for YOP4 is here with a full list of wips and completed projects.

To check out other blogs taking part in YOP4 or to join head on over to the Ravelry group over here.


  1. All lovely, but Easy Like Sunday Morning is especially beautiful :)

  2. I agree that Easy Like Sunday Morning is especially beautiful. They are all lovely though but that is my favorite of all of them. Probably because I live in a warmer climate than most. The Chain Link Fence cowl would be perfect for my niece who has sub zero temperatures in the winter time.

  3. Really lovely cowls all so beautiful and yet so different.

  4. Congratulations on all the designs! Love the first one!

  5. congratulations on getting all these patterns written up... I have to agree I love 'easy like sunday morning' I may just ahve to get this on my wish list x

  6. Well done on getting all that done. I love the colour of the second one - beautiful blue!

  7. I really like the first two cowls. I'm reminded of a chain link fence with barbed wire on top. I like the flow of the second cowl. Great job. You go!

  8. Wow! Congrats on getting so many patterns written up! I'm amused that ravelry recommended two of them to me. :) I didn't realize that it was someone who's blog I read.

  9. So many cowls! I love them all :)

  10. You've been busy! Nice! The Chain Link Fence Cowl looks amazing, and I love the color of the Sailing Away Cowl! If I hadn't had a bad wrist I would definitely would loove to test your pattern!

  11. You have been busy! My fav is chain link as I like smaller cowls that don't hang down so low but that's just me. I do love your designs though!