Monday, August 4, 2014

A Year of Projects - August 4th 2014

I missed posting yesterday as I was away camping, but I am only a day late so that is not too bad!

This past week I made the most progress on my double knit socks (Tour de Sock Stage 6).  I am happy to have made some serious progress on this one!!  Before this past week I had only a couple rounds past the toe design complete and now I am starting the leg design!  I hope to have one sock of this pair complete in the next day or two.
I also did a few rounds on my Tour de Sock Stage 5 socks - not really much noticeable but a little progress!

And I added a few more squares to my sock-ghan.  I also have several ends to tuck in here!!

And I started on a sock design.  I am going to be submitting it somewhere so I am required to keep it a secret until I find out it's fate.  If rejected I will post and if accepted, I will post when it is OK to do so.  For now, I can tell you that I have done the cuff on each sock - one size small and one size large.

This upcoming week I hope to finish my first Stage 6 sock, I hope to do some more work on my sock design, and I also have two cowl designs to finish writing up.  One has had the testing completed, but needs some editing before I self-publish it.  The second is knit, but needs the pattern written up.  I am undecided if I will have it tested or if I will just publish it.

Progress Summary:
Sock Madness 8:
1. Chill Thrill (round 6 socks)
2. Alexandrina (round 7 socks)
Tour de Sock:
1. Dazzle Them From Behind (Stage 4)  DONE!!  Finished July 18th 2014 Link to finished project page
2. Arch-Nemesis (Stage 5) Started July 18th 2014 (some progress this past week)
3. Double Flake Squirrel Socks (Stage 6) Started July 21th 2014 (significant progress this past week)
Other WIPs to finish:
1. Advent Calendar scarf
2. Crochet scrap afghan 
3. Sock Scrap afghan Started July 24th 2014 (up to 22 squares done now)
1) Secret design begun July 30th 2014.  I have the two cuffs complete (one in size small and one in size large).  I can't post pictures here as it is being submitted somewhere and secrecy is important.

My Ravelry projects page for YOP4 is here with a full list of wips and completed projects.

To check out other blogs taking part in YOP4 or to join head on over to the Ravelry group over here.


  1. Lovely work and lots of progress. I look forward to seeing your design when it is allowed!!

  2. Looks like you're on a roll with Tour de Sock stage 6, and stage 5 is coming along too. Love the pink with the brown; the sock looks toasty warm :)

  3. Great progress on those socks, I'll bet that double knit sock is so warm and cosy!

  4. Those sock blankets intrigue me... Maybe after Christmas I will start one...

  5. Great progress on your socks. They are really fantastic. Sock blanket is coming along nicely also. Am anxious to see your 'secret' project.

  6. how exciting about your own sock design... you have made good progress... hope you enjoyed camping x

  7. Those socks are going to be so cozy! What great boot socks or even for skiing or snowboarding they would be.

  8. Wow, love those socks and great job with the Sock-ghan too - I admire that you are planning to knit something so big with sock yarn. I think I'd be far too impatient!!