Friday, January 15, 2016

FO Friday January 15th 2016

Finally I am posting a FO Friday collection!! I have been neglecting this recently and there are a few things I finished up in the end of 2015 and already in 2016 (mostly carry-overs from 2015, but finishes none the less...)

First to close up 2015 I finished up (mostly) both of the Advent knits I was doing.

1) My Advent socks.  I ran out of the cream color for the base yarn so I ended them early and gave them to my sister for Christmas.

2) My Advent scarf - I finished this by the end of 2015 but it still needs blocking.  I need to get that part done!!  I'll post some blocking before and after pictures once I get that done!

2016 is off to a good start!

1) My first finish is 2016 is a new design that I completed the knitting on and now have the pattern up for testing on Ravelry.  This is the first of four designs that will be part of an e-book (and individual designs) which will be available later this year (hopefully not too late!)  The first design is The Four Seasons: Autumn.  This design is top-down and includes a mirrored cable design on each sock.

2) The second finish of 2016 is another design in The Four Seasons group.  This one is Spring and I still need to finish writing up the pattern and get it tested.  I am aiming to get the testing started this weekend!

3)The third finish to start off 2016 is a scrap blanket that I began in 2013 (nothing like taking things at a leisurely pace!!)  I had all the squares made up quite some time ago and began putting them together a few months back (and then put is aside again...)  Anyway a friend of mine at work is expecting a baby in February and some others at work planned a baby shower for her - perfect incentive to get this done!!  (and she loves it ♥ )

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