Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WIP it Wednesday January 27th 2016

Here I am for another WIP-it Wednesday update!  I am down to a total of five WIPS!!  I have also managed to spend a little time of each one of them over the past week and I have hopes of getting some of them finished in the next while.  I also have not cast on anything new in 2016!  Yet - I am seriously twitching to cast on something, anything!!

1) Summer sock design - this is a new design I have in the works. It is part of my Four Seasons Set.  I am starting the third repeat on the leg of sock #2.  

2) Sock scrap-ghan - I tucked in a bunch of tails over the past week and I also added two more squares - at least it is some progress - not much but some!

WOW this is a tad out of focus!!

3) Hitchhiker - I shook the dust off this over the past week and added five more "teeth"

4) Double Flake Squirrel Socks - these are from TdS 2014 and have been hibernating for a long time.  I almost finished the first sock this past week.

5) Far Into the Forest - these are the Stage 2 socks from TdS 2015.  I had the first sock completed and never got around to continuing with the second sock.  I now have the toe and the next few rounds completed on the second sock and hope to keep plugging away on it.

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