Friday, May 19, 2017

New Designs!

Finally I am back to posting something on my blog!  It was been far too long since I posted anything!  I keep threatening to do this on a more regular basis but we see how that has worked :)  Maybe this time I will get back into a rhythm of regular posting.

The school year is all done and I have had a bit of time to relax and unwind.  Now I have shifted into gear and am getting things done!  This past week has been quite productive for me! I had two sock designs that I finished the sample, pattern writing, and testing many months ago (like in the fall - October and November!) but then never got around to doing the edits and publishing the patterns.  I finally got that done this past week!!  Both patterns are getting a lot of love on Ravelry and I have sold several patterns :)  YAY!!  I am counting these as finished objects now!!

Broken Glass

Masculine Socks
 I also had two designs that I had knit up the sample (again one was completed in early November and the other one in December) but I had not got around to do any more work on those.  I have now got the two patterns written up and have the first one out for testing.  I will get the second one out for testing on Sunday afternoon.  I will be without reliable internet for the rest of the weekend (beginning around lunch time today) until Sunday afternoon so I thought is best to hold off on the second test until I can more easily answer any questions.  These two also count as finished objects (mostly!!)

Churro is now being tested

Inner Peace will be up for testing Sunday afternoon
And I have ideas for several more sock designs that I want to get started on!  But first I really should get a few of my needles freed up!  I have two partially complete Sock Madness 11 socks to finish (well three actually, but I want to focus on two first and will get to the third pair once those are done).  I hope to make some serious progress on these this weekend!!  I'll report back next week with how I managed!  Hopefully I can report two more FOs next Friday!

Invitation to the Dance - one sock complete and the second is part way through the gusset decreasing.

Symphony Socks - both have gusset stitches picked up and one has a couple rounds of decreases done.

Let's see where I am next week!

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