Sunday, July 2, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 1

I have decided to join the Seventh Year of Projects blogging adventure!  I joined up in the very First Year and managed to get a few projects done.  I again joined the Third Year and suspect I accomplished even less.  And I joined up for the Fourth YearFifth Year, and Sixth Year too and was not so successful.  Now I am joining up for Year 7 and we shall see how I do!  I am convinced that I overestimated my ability to finish up all the projects I chose!  My projects are mostly knit and my plan is to use only stash to see how much I can use over the next year!  I am going to try for completing 12 projects - one a month!  

Ongoing works in progress:
1) Find Your Fade - using hand dyed by me yarn - cast on July 1st 2017 and I have section one complete.  I plan to work on this one a fair bit over the next couple days - I am eager to get onto my second color!!  The first picture shows the colors I will be using - beginning with the lighter pink on the bottom.  I cast on yesterday and have completed Section 1.  Lots to go yet!!  I hope to work on this one some over the next several days.  I am excited to fade into the second color!!  Maybe I'll get to that later tonight! 

Find My Fade colors!
Find My Fade progress

2) John's Vanilla Socks (no pattern) - cast on June 26th 2017.  I have to travel for a conference later this week - 6-8 hours of train time each way - hope to make some serious progress on this pair!

3) Temperature Scarf - began January 1st and will finish around December 31.  I have finished this up to the end of June 29th.   I should try to catch up again!  Plus I should get to tucking in the tails (about two weeks worth)

4) Cocoa Coffee - cast on May 29th 2016!  I had this on my YOP list last year and have made virtually no progress since then!  Might be time to frog this!!

5) Lambs and Chickens and Bunnies, Oh My! - cast on April 23rd 2017 One sock complete and the second needs making!

6) Sock Scrap-ghan - cast on July 24th 2014 It is time to keep moving with this one!!  I currently have 95 squares complete!  I have not worked on this much in many months now!!

7) BAMCAL squares - Monthly crochet squares that will turn into one or two afghans by the end of 2017. Complete to the end of June.
8) BAMKAL squares - Monthly knit squares that will turn into one or two afghans by the end of 2017. Complete to the end of June.

New plans for using stash include (and if time permits I hope to add more to this list):
1) Summer Shawlette - use Berroco Comfort Solids and Heathers
2) Elva Shawl - use Manos del Uruguay  (need to buy the pattern)
3) Casu Cowl - use Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Alpaca Dance
4) Abundance Table Runner - use Bernat Soy 
5) 198 Yards of Heaven - use Cascade yarn


  1. How fun it must be for you to knit up a Find Your Fade with yarn you hand dyed yourself. I like how your husband's sock is knitting up. I never made a temperature scarf but the results ppl get are fun and neat to see.

  2. I really like the Fade shawl and think yours will be splendid with those hand dyed yarns.I would hate to see Cocoa Coffee frogged. It is sich a lovely pattern and you have completed so much of it. Will be fun to see your progress this yeae

  3. I had to look twice-- the yarn for John's Vanilla Socks looks very much like the yarn Gavin picked for his Vanilla Socks! Any colour, as long as it's blue, black or grey?!

    The Find Your Fade shawl looks very interesting. I'd be rushing to see how each colour fades into the last too! Maybe we'll see some of colour number two in next week's post?

  4. Mmm several people pledging to use up stash, hopefully this will motivate me! I love the colours for your fade, I will really enjoy seeing this move along.

  5. Love the colours you've dyed up for your Find Your Fade and how fun that it will be knit in your own hand dyed yarn. Those lambs and chickens and foxes socks look like such fun!

  6. Love you projects - your bunny socks, your sock yarn blanket, and oh my your hand dyed yarns. All look fantastic and I look forward to following your progress.

  7. So glad you're giving Year of Projects another go, Karen. How exciting that you're using yarn you died in your Find Your Fade. All the colors are beautiful. I love all your pictures above and want you to know... those Lambs Chickens and Bunnies socks make me smile. Really big. :)

  8. I really like the Fade shawl and think yours will be splendid with those hand dyed yarns.