Sunday, September 10, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 11

Another weekly update here!  My Tour-de-Sock Stage 6 socks have kicked my tail and done me in!  These have been the most difficult, challenging socks I have (tried to) knit!  They involved stranded knitting with three colors together (and four once you get to the heel flap - I didn't get that far...)!  And use the Jacquard laddering method to catch the floats.  I enjoyed learning the Jacquard method, but the three colors really slowed me down!  I have resigned myself to the fact that I will not finish these socks!  I got the cuff completed and got part way through the first charts beyond the cuff (but did not take a picture).  I am afraid that these have been frogged.  I may revisit them at a later time - we shall see, but for now they are frogged and gone.  Here is what the cuff looked like:

I had made myself a personal challenge to complete all six stages during the allotted time, and even though I failed at that I can say this year is my personal best in all of the Tours I have participated in.  I finished four pair during the allotted time frame and finished the fifth pair within a few days of the cut off for that stage.  I am happy to have five new pretty pair of socks!!  And I learned several new knitting techniques.  Who knows - maybe next year I will complete all six pair!  If not, at least I plan to try again!!  Here are my five completed Tour-de-Sock socks!

So since I threw in the towel on Thursday afternoon (the pattern was released on Sunday morning - yeah - four and a half days of knitting (not all day each day, but many hours) and all I had to show was a cuff and a little bit more - seriously like eight rounds more) I "had" to work on something else!  So I picked up some other knitting to fill the time!  I worked on my September BAMKAL alternate square and got that one finished.

Then I cast on the September BAMKAL Main square and made some progress.

I also spent some time working on my Temperature Scarf (which has been neglected for some time).  I last did my two rows on June 29th...  Now I am up to ...  I plan to work on this for a bit more and hope to get completely caught up again!  This is why I did not choose to make a temperature blanket!!  Two rounds in a scarf a day is a doable catch up but I would never have kept up with a blanket!!  My recent progress is from the two orange markers:


  1. I'm impressed by how well you did on the Tour de Sock. I knit a lot of socks but those time frames would kick my butt. And I'd call "uncle" on all that colourwork too! Five beautiful pairs of socks,new techniques and lots of challenges...WIN,WIN,WIN,WIN,WIN!!

  2. The scarf colours are really great, I love them! And all those socks in a row like that...beautiful and what an accomplishment! :)

  3. You did great on the TdS. It seems the sixth one is always a kicker. It looks like a very interesting (if complicated) technique. I will have to look up that method of dealing with the floats.

  4. Personally, I think you did great in getting 5 pairs of socks done. The sixth pair looks like a nightmare with using 3 colors. At least you started and tried......I would have just lost the pattern, accidentally on purpose lol. Yourotheritems aredoong quite well though.

  5. I think you did great on the sock front. Five pairs, and none of them are plain in any respect. Hats (or should I say socks) off to you.

  6. The cuff looks really great, FWIW. But I totally appreciate that you were not into the pattern (using three colors) and that you're probably relieved to have frogged the socks and have them gone. I think you've done amazing to finish the five that you did - and with your back to school schedule, too. Whew. Love your temperature scarf! :)