Sunday, January 7, 2018

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 28

Hello everyone!!  I hope you have all had a great week and have stayed warm (if you are in the areas that have been seeing extra cold temperatures recently!)

I have had a fairly productive week.

I finished my Temperature Scarf!  It is super long (over 8 feet long!) and is about 7 inches wide.  It wraps around my neck many times!  Here is what it looks like all done up:

I also knit the two December BAMKAL squares and now have everything ready to assemble.  I hope to get onto that soon!

I only found a tiny bit of time to add a few more rounds on my Advent Cowl and I plan to spend some more time on that this upcoming week.  There is not enough progress to show a picture...

And I broke down and cast on something new.  I had planned on resisting new cast ons for a bit but that didn't work!  I cast on for the SKA MOCK (Sock Knitters Anonymous Mystery Sock) and have almost finished the first clue (each clue comes out on a Monday).  I have one complete and have only the Latvian braid to do on the second and I will be ready for the next clue tomorrow.


  1. Oh fun, a mystery KAL with a Latvian Braid in the first clue! This is going to be good :)

  2. Your temperature scarf turned out so well! And it will be fun watching your mystery socks grow. :)

  3. Great scarf! Should keep you nice and warm.

    That mystery sock is fabulous. Love the Latvian braid. Look forward to seeing what the next clue has you doing.

  4. Your temperature scarf is gorgeous! Well done!

  5. Your temperature scarf is perfect. I think that is the first one I have ever seen completed. Hmm. I may have to start on of those....

  6. I love your temperature scarf, that will definitely keep you toasty!