Sunday, April 8, 2018

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 41

Another week of crafting has come and gone!  It felt like I had a very busy week with work related stuff, but I seemed to get some crafting done as well!  YAY!!

I did a few rows on my Rowe Cardigan and am now ready to begin the decreasing for the shoulders.  I hope to find some time this week to get that done.  My progress since my last update is from the second marker (the first one marks a measurement point for the armhole)

I finished up the first clue on the Impressionist MKAL and am much enjoying this knit!  The second clue has come out (Saturday morning) but I have not had a chance to get going on that yet.  My progress since last Sunday is from the marker (which is barely visible between the first two blue stripes...)

And the Second Round of Sock Madness has started so all my spare time has been focused on that.  The pattern came out Friday night but I was too sleepy to cast on.  I had an all day function at work yesterday and have another this afternoon so my weekend knitting has suffered!  Rest assured I will be knitting more this evening once I am back home again!  I on on the third block section on the first sock (we need to do nine) and have the cuff of the second sock complete.  I decided to reverse the colors for each sock.  I am happy that I am being "forced" to learn how to knit brioche!  SO far I am loving it (now that I have the hang of it!)  My colors might not be the most contrasty and maybe not the best choice for this design...  Oh well!

Until next week!!  I hope to be done with my Sock Madness socks and hope to have some other progress to show you!


  1. WOWee - on the cables on the back of that sweater. That is just amazing looking. And I had to check out the Impressionist MKAL, and I found the Impressionist artwork that people chose for inspiration to be... well, inspiring. Can't wait to see this project grow. Lovely yarn you've chosen for it!

  2. You sweater is breath taking. You made great progress on it this week. With two other projects happening, you really did get more crafting time than you thought. I like the two contrasting colors of the socks. They compliment yet show off each other. The has a peaceful look about it. Probably from the colors you have chosen.

  3. A Brioche sock on a deadline? Phew! Better you than me :) I'm looking forward to seeing it though.

    Still loving Rowe!

  4. The cables are awesome, and what a cool idea - the impressionist MKAL. Brioche is on my to-list. I did make a simple brioche cowl, but I know there is a lot to learning it, especially in two or more colours.