Sunday, May 6, 2018

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 45

Back again!! 

This past week has seen some progress!!  I finished my Impressionists MKAL Shawl but have not got around to blocking it yet.  This was a really fun knit and I actually enjoyed all the garter stitch :)  You can't see it here but this has a picot bind off and I added beads to the picots!  I'll get some better pictures of that once it is blocked (which won't happen until later this month).  All the ends are tucked in and will be clipped after blocking.  Here is what it looks like before blocking:

Then I spent a bit of time working on some vanilla socks I started quite a while back.  I need to get the second gusset complete and then I plan to get them onto one needle so that I can do the feet two at a time.  I am going to be traveling this week and will want something easy to work on.  Here is where I am at now:

And the newest round of Sock Madness began on Thursday.  It is stranded color work and I am slowly making some progress.  Only ten people on each team advance to the next round and four on my team are already done.  I am not sure I will make it this round.  I do want to finish the socks because they are so pretty!  It has a different design down the front and back of the leg.  Here is a picture of where I am now (front and back views - it will be a dragon when it is done!):


Back (he has a red bead for his eye!)

And just for fun here is a picture of me from yesterday.  We had our graduation ceremony at my university.  I love wearing my regalia and watching my students walk across the stage to get their diploma ♥

I might not have as much to show over the next couple weeks as I will be home visiting family in Manitoba.  I only plan to take my two pair of socks to work on - I suspect that will be enough to keep my hands busy!  I plan to post my blog from my Mom's computer while I am away so if I am not around for the next two Sundays you know why!!


  1. Your shawl got done quickly. I bet that picot edge with the beads is stunning.

    I am so in love with all your colorwork you do on socks. The new ones with the dragon, just breath taking.

    You look maaaarvelous in your regalia for graduation. Enjoy your family time. Hopefully you won't miss a week of posting. You have a perfect record so far.

  2. The colors and yarn for your shawl are so pretty. I had no idea it was a Helen Stewart pattern. I am loving the cowl I am working on. It is the first pattern of hers I have tried and I love it. Especially the percentages....yes, we do love numbers!
    I too am ready for some vanilla socks although I haven't done any that are as complex as yours. The dragon socks are awesome and I love the red eye! You look like a student yourself...where's the crown? LOL! Enjoy your trip home and your time there. Pre-college kids aren't out until the end of this month. Enjoy!

  3. Best of luck on your KAL. I do love that pattern but I would think that color work would take a bit of time. Have a great trip. Your shawl looks great too.

  4. Oooh... The shawl is beautiful and I can barely see the beads. Can't wait to see it blocked - and maybe a close-up??? The dragon socks look amazing! You look terrific in your regalia! Safe travels and enjoy your trip.

  5. The impressionist shawl is wonderful. What was the picture that was your inspiration? Good luck on sock madness. That dragon is very impressive.

  6. Oh I love your impressionist shawl, even before blocking. And those Dragon socks are going to be amazing.

  7. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful socks and good idea on site.