Sunday, December 2, 2018

Eighth Year of Projects - Week 23

Welcome to my Eighth Year of Projects post for Week 23!  It is hard to believe we are almost half way through the year already!  And I think I have posted every week so far!

Life is keeping busy.  We have one more week of classes to go and then one week for final exams and then I am off until early January (I think we need to be back for an all day faculty development day on Thursday January 3rd and classes resume the following Monday).  I have my students writing their final exam on the Wednesday of finals week and plan to get the grading done up quickly and turned in.  My online class will have to turn in their final projects by the end of the day on Monday during finals week.  That allows me all day Tuesday for grading that before my other class writes on Wednesday.  If all goes according to plan I will have all my grades turned in before I go home on Wednesday!

Enough rambling about work related stuff - you are here for my weekly update aren't you??  I have made some progress on three WIPs.  I have spent some time working on my Vanilla Christmas socks and I have about an inch or two left to knit on the feet before it is time to begin the toe decreasing.  Maybe you will see a finished object next week!

I have made little progress on my Julenatt Mittens and I am falling farther behind...

I have spent most of my spare knitting time this past week working on my Advent 2018 Scarf.  I have been keeping up with this one so far mostly) and that makes me happy!  Here is my progress up to the middle of yesterday - I will finish yesterday and today later today (each marker indicates the end of a day):

I am also participating in Vlogmas where I am posting a vlog each and every day throughout the Advent season.  I may continue after the 25th, but we shall see!  Check out my Vlogmas 2018 playlist on YouTube to see my daily postings.  Here is Day 0 (posted on December 1st):

And Day 1 was posted earlier this morning:

I also posted my regular podcast yesterday:

And finally, I am participating in Holidailies where I will challenge myself to blog every day in December!  See you again soon!


  1. You do both online and in classroom teaching? Wow, that's quite a bit. Yet you still find time to knit a lot each week. Not to mention you will be blogging daily and vlogging daily too this month. Do you not sleep or eat? I may start calling you Super Prof.

  2. Oh my I feel so lazy in comparison, I am not working and wonder what I do with my time! I like the Christmas socks, the dashes remind me of strings of Christmas lights wrapping round feet! Cute.

  3. Yay you for soon being finished with the semester. I can't imagine how much more you will be able to knit with all that time. I'm really loving your Advent Scarf. The yarn you're knitting it with is so pretty.

  4. Your socks are so festive! I love your mittens but I can see where they would require focus and devotion. Vlogmas! Yes...that will be fun to see. Your scarf design is so pretty. Glad you have your time off from school to get more knitting done!