Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ORT Collection

I am ready to try something a bit different (for me at least).  I saw a link to an idea for cross-stitching and thought I would adapt it for myself to use for knitting and crocheting.  I found a cute glass jar at Goodwill and I plan to add all my scraps of yarn - my ORTs - Old Ratty Tails (the original idea is Old Ratty Threads) to the container.  I will take a picture on the first of each month and will post my progress.  Here is my empty vase/bowl thing that I am using:

I have already added quite a few tails and hope to be able to show some decent progress by May 1st! And what do I plan to do with this when the jar is full?? Who knows! Leave it outside for birds and squirrels to haul pieces away for their nests and homes? What should I do with all the scraps once the jar is full??

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