Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Too many WIPs for me!!

I have been contemplating my WIP list and am slowly realizing that I can't keep up with so many projects.  Something always gets neglected.  I think I really need to pare down this list so that I don't feel overwhelmed by it and so that projects don't sit around patiently waiting for me to remember that they exist.

Here is a list of what I have on the needles and on the hook and where they are at:

1) 12 Days of Christmas - Day 4 - this project involves making one square each month so it is not as daunting as some others - although I have yet to cast on my April square. This entire afghan will be completed by December.

2) BAMCAL 12 inch square - this is a monthly square so again it is not too daunting. This entire afghan will be completed by December.

3) BAMCAL 12 inch filler square - this is a monthly square so again it is not too daunting. This entire afghan will be completed by December.

4) BAMCAL 6 inch square (four of them) - this is a monthly square so again it is not too daunting. This entire afghan will be completed by December.

5) G socks (ready to turn the heel on sock number two)

6) Mindless afghan - this is a long term project that I do not anticipate finishing for a couple years.  I am making it with scraps of yarn from my socks (and other fingering weight scraps).  I have not done much on this in the past few months. I really do need to make an effort to work on this a few hours every couple weeks.

7) Raspberry Dreams Stole - I have been working on this since last fall. I brought it out the other day and did some on it but I found my stitch count was off.  I honestly think I will frog this as it has given me nothing but grief since I began it.  I don't need to work on something I do not enjoy. I have plenty more to work on instead!

8) Around the World Quiltghan - this is a commissioned project that must be done by the beginning of August 2011.  I need to keep it in a regular rotation so that I make sure it is done on time.

9) Pet snuggles - this is something that I am working on off and on.  It is simply a way to use up a lot of my acrylic that has no other purpose.  There is no pressure or stress in making these when I want something totally mindless and easy to do.  That being said, I have not done anything with these for several weeks now...

10) LTK (working on LTK 53 right now) - this is a project that I have been working on since January 2009.  It truly is about time I get this done.  But as other projects that catch my eye come along, it gets put aside (again).

11) Sojourn Falls Scarf - this is project I started last week - note there are ten other projects ahead of it on the list...

12) Spring Leaves Scarf - again this is a project that I started last week and again I should have held off and finished something else first...

13) I am also in the process of keeping up with the 26 pair of socks in 2011 challenge.  This involves starting a new pair of socks over two week intervals over the year. I am set to cast on another pair last week (I am behind...)

Plus this is the busiest time of the academic year for me.  I probably don't have time to be doing all these projects...  Oh well, May will be here soon and then I will have some more breathing room!  Once May rolls around I plan to map out just what I need to do on all these WIPs so that I can get them under control.  Or at least that is my plan.  If anyone is still reading this novel - what are your suggestions??


  1. My suggestions would be to not sweat it! There are no knitting police, so if you get a bit behind (particularly on the projects with no set deadline) it's not the end of the world.

    Just remember that you do this for fun and to relax! Knitting shouldn't get you stressed!

    I have a long list of WIPs too, I just work on what I feel like working on each night. Some of my projects don't get touched for weeks at a time, but the way I see it, I'll make much faster progress on them when I want to work on them, than if I force myself to work on them.

  2. I'm with Tink. If you get behind - OH WELL. Other than the commissioned piece, everything else seems to be your own. Granted, it would be nice if anything that was a Christmas present was done by Christmas *chuckles* but if you get everything caught up, yay - if you end up being a little behind, at least you enjoyed your time crafting.

  3. Woo. That is a lot, but like you said, most of those are the things that you can only do once a month, so I wouldn't feel as bad. But like Tink said, there is no knitting police! Enjoy crafting. It's the one thing that keeps me sane. :)