Wednesday, February 3, 2016

WIP it Wednesday February 3rd 2016

Here I am for another WIP-it Wednesday update!  I only focused on two projects this past week but I am happy with my progress!

1) Hitchhiker - I added several rows to this scarf over the week and am pleased with my progress.  I now have 28 (check) teeth complete.  My concern now is that I am likely running low on yarn!  I have only one skein and I probably won't be able to make this overly large before I run out.  Oh well, it will be a nice smallish scarf once done!

2) Deep into the Forest - I added about 30 (check) rounds to this sock and am now at the point where I am starting the gusset increases.  I spent a bit of time almost every day this past week working on this one - some days only a few rounds, but it all adds up!

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