Sunday, December 10, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 24

Another week!  I have spent some time this past week working on both of my Advent scarves and have made some progress.

My Advent Cowl has seen some work since last week, although I am falling behind...  I have one round of Day 6 complete and have the clues up to Day 10 waiting for me to knit...  I hope to get some time to work on that this upcoming week!

My Advent scarf has also seen some love this week and I am almost ready to start Clue 5 of the 6 that have been released. It is all scrunchy and bunchy right now and will certainly need a serious blocking once it is done!  The widest part is the center and each clue (released every second day) adds a bit more to each side. 

I had planned on doing a Mystery Sock but I have not had time to even cast that on so I suspect I wont be keeping up with that!!  Two clues are already out.  I think I will take it with me when I go home for Christmas and will work on it then (once my two Advent scarves are complete - which should hopefully be by Christmas day!)

Until next week!!


  1. I love your advent cowl. Pretty colors and pretty pattern. And that advent scarf is really coming along!

  2. The Advent cowl looks lovely, and I'm quite curious about the Advent scarf. Looking forward to seeing it when it's blocked.

  3. Pretty, pretty cowl. Your colourwork tension looks perfect!

    I've given up on KALs for now. I just can't keep up!

  4. love seeing the progress on your KAL scarf. It is intriguing!

  5. I love your advent projects, but I know what you mean about time and other projects having to take a back seat - they are a bit addictive aren't they?