Monday, December 25, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 26

Merry Christmas everyone!!  I think this might be the first week this year that I did not get my weekly update done on a Sunday but I am only one day off!

This past week I made some good progress on my Advent scarf.  I did not finish it on time but am working through the last few clues.  I have not made any progress on my Advent cowl though.  I'll get onto that soon.  While traveling I cast on a pair of vanilla socks and got one leg done.

I am doing this from my phone and don't know how to add picturrs...  that will have to be something I learn how to do!


  1. Well, good for you for making this week's post - even though you can't post a picture. Enjoy your holiday and I look forward to seeing your progress when you can post pictures.

  2. I was a day late too. I think having Christmas on a Monday should be outlawed. It threw all of us off our normal path.

    Socks make the best traveling project. I am sure we will be graces with lovely photos next week. Enjoy your travels.