Sunday, February 4, 2018

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 32

Another week and I am back with some finished objects and some new cast ons.  I had a productive week!!

I finally blocked my Advent Scarf!!  It is huge!  I measured it when it was blocking and it is almost ten feet long...  Oye.  I did not pull lengthwise while blocking either...  Oh well!  Granted I did use a heavier weight than called for... lesson learned :)

I also finished and blocked my Advent Cowl!  I did not do any pinning of the cowl - it only needed the blocking to settled and even out the color work.  This may take some time to dry!!  It is four layers of color work...  I love it!!  The pictures show the two sides of the cowl - it was knit all the way and then folded in half around the circumference (bound off using a three needle bind off) thus hiding all the floats. 

I also finished up the last three squares for my BAMCAL afghan.  I still had the December squares to crochet and now they are all done.  I still need to stitch the last squares together so that the afghan is ready to use or give away.  I already stitched about half the squares together and made a small afghan already and now I am ready to make the second afghan with the rest of the squares.  Hopefully I get that done in February!  The first three pictures are the December squares and the fourth picture is one of all the squares that need to be stitched together to make a small afghan.

And I cast on two new projects!  First up is my Solid Socks Mystery KAL.  The first clue was released on Thursday and I got that knit up yesterday.  The remaining clues will come out on Thursdays for the rest of the month.  So far I am loving it - lace and beads!  I can't wait to see the next clue!

And secondly I cast on my Rowe Cardigan.  I swatched for it yesterday!  I know I swatched!!!  I am glad I did because my little swatch was too big.  I need to go down a needle size since I am a loose knitter!  I did that up and cast on the back.  So far I have done only a few rows of ribbing, but it is likely my focus knit until the next clue comes out for the mystery socks on Thursday.

Happy crafting everyone!!


  1. You certainly did have a busy AND productive week.

    Your advent scarf really is loooong but so pretty. The Advent cowl is gorgeous with all the colorwork you did on it. It will go with everything you wear.

    Loving those mystery socks. Lace and can't go wrong there.

    I am quite envious of your Rowe sweater. I think it is the prettiest sweater I have seen in some time. But then I am in love with anything with cables on it.

    You have lots squares there and I am looking forward to seeing them all put together.

  2. I made a scarf from Bamboo once... it grew and grew and grew. Live and learn, right?

    Pretty, pretty cowl, amd super warm and squishy I imagine!

    Nice start to your socks. I'm not partial to beads in socks myself, but they look very pretty - kinda secret bling!


  3. You have been busy. I love the cowl. So beautiful and wow that is one long scarf - good for wrapping around you and a couple of friends!

  4. Look at all those pins! I've been there with blocking wires too. Your Advent cowl is pretty. It must have been fun using different colors and knitting up different colorwork patterns.

  5. Oh wow, the scarf and cowl are amazing, and so long - I'm amazed you found somewhere to block it! Your Rowe is going to be lovely and the socks look great.

  6. I didn't realize that the Advent Cowl had a different different design on both sides. How pretty and fun! Your Advent Scarf is wonderfully long and pretty! You can wrap that several times around!