Sunday, February 25, 2018

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 35

Another week has come and gone very quickly!!  The hubby is out of town (and will be for another week) so that has freed up a bit more knitting time for me (although I do miss him being underfoot!)

The final clue for our Mystery Sock was released yesterday morning and I spent my free time yesterday working on that!  I have completed the chart on one sock (and have to add a bit more plain before the toe decreasing) and I have the gusset decreases done on the second sock.  I am hoping to get a fair bit more done on these today!  They will certainly be a finish for next week!  The green markers in each sock show where I left off last week.

Since the clue was two days late in being released, I had extra time to spend with my Rowe Cardigan and am excited to say I am getting close to completing the back portion!!  I have finished decreasing for the armholes and have about six or seven inches left to knit before I need to do the shoulder shaping.  Then I am on to the front pieces!!  This is shaping up nicely!!  The first green marker shows where I left off last week and the second marker shows where I need to measure the length from the armhole to the shoulder - this part needs to be a little over nine inches for my size so you can see I have a little way to go until the top part of the back is complete.

I do expect that my time on this cardigan will slow down as Sock Madness will be starting up late next week.  Once that begins the majority of my energy is on speed knitting socks!  But Rowe will be waiting for me between rounds of sock knitting!!  I am excited to see what is in store for us this year!  The specs look like there will be a lot of color work - not sure what kind of color work - but many patterns call for multiple colors of yarn.  That might slow me down, but we shall see!

Until next week!!


  1. Karen, Lovely socks. They will be done in no time now. The cardi is gorgeous. Love all the cable work. It looks so warm and cuddly.

    Sock madness sounds like fun. I will be watching your blog to see how things progress.

  2. Socks look great and keep on plugging along on the Rowe

  3. The socks look great and Rowe is spectacular. Good luck with sock madness! I don't think I'd ever be able to keep up, particularly not if there's a lot of colourwork!

  4. The mystery socks are turning out just beautifully! I love the yarn you're using. And wow - that cabling on the back of the Rowe cardigan is amazing. How wonderful that will be when finished.

  5. Love the cardigan and can't wait to see it finished. I have one in a bag somewhere that I need to take out and work on. I know you'll receive a lot of compliments on those cables.

  6. These are such beautiful projects. I can't wait to see your sock madness!