Sunday, March 4, 2018

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 36

Another week!!  I can hardly believe that February is gone and that I am still consistently posting every week for this project!! 36 weeks!!!

This past week has been another productive one for me.  First up - I finished my February Mystery Socks and I love them!!  I did play a game of yarn chicken with this pair.  I am not sure why I came so close - usually these skeins have enough yarn in them for most typical socks.  I don't think this one was particularly yarn hungry!  Either way - I won the game of yarn chicken with only a few yards to spare!  Here is a picture of the finished socks and the leftover yarn:

I also spent some time working on my BAMCAL afghan from 2017.  I had all the pieces crocheted and only had to sew them together and add a border.  I am happy to say that this little blanket is now a finished object as well!  This will go into my donation pile (note to self: start thinking about where to donate these blankies - the pile is growing!)  Here it is:

I also managed to finish my BAMKAL afghan.  I finally stitched the squares together and added a little border.  This poor thing is so wonky!!  The squares are not all the same size and I basically "made it work"!!  This might get donated to a pet shelter unless it looks better after it has had a run through the washing machine.  Right now I am not sure I would like to donate it to a person...  It is not the nicest quality job I have done...

Sock Madness 12 began on Thursday March 1st and I am now happily knitting through the qualifying round pattern.  We have a full two weeks to complete the pattern in order to be placed on a team for the remainder of the competition.  The two week window is sufficient time for me to get the socks all knit up.  The color work portion is all done and the remaining portion of the socks will all be in the purple.  There is an option for heels and/or toes in the light color but I do not have enough to manage either option - so the rest will be purple!  Here is where I am at now:

There is no progress to report on my Rowe Cardigan...  I spent a bit of time instead finishing the BAMCAL afghan and working on the BAMKAL afghan.  Once my qualifying socks are complete I will focus on Rowe!

When I list everything down here it looks like I made some amazing progress this past week!!

We are heading into Spring Break now, but I unofficially began Spring Break on Wednesday after my last class was done!  Although I did finish up a few lingering tasks so that I would be able to enjoy my break!!  We are going away to a water slide park from Monday through Friday - hubbies choice - but it gives me some time to sit poolside and knit or read to my heart's content!


  1. I hope you have a lovely break. I for one love the lopsided blanket and the socks are gorgeous, well done winning at yarn chicken!

  2. Three finishes! Fantastic! Your Sock Madness socks are real pretty. I am going to enjoy watching them grow.

    Enjoy your break!

  3. I love your excitement at your consistent posting, Karen. I felt the same way when I first begin YOPping. :)

    Your February socks are beautiful. That was a crazy close game of yarn chicken you played there. I'm glad you won!

    Congrats on finishing your BAMCAL and BAMKAL blankets. Would you consider blocking the knitted one? The squares look beautiful and I wonder if the odd sized ones could be brought closer to the size of the others with some hard blocking? I really like the solid color you used for all the squares.

    Your new socks look lovely. I love the colors you are using. I love purple. :)

  4. Wow! You are on fire this year! You definitely deserve a break and look at all your amazing finishes! I'm sure a trip in the wash will help your blanket reshape itself if it's not wool and they are all lovely. The socks are amazing and I am loving the colors in your most recent pair. Enjoy your vacation!