Sunday, March 11, 2018

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 37

Another week!  I have spent all my spare knitting time this week working on my Sock Madness Qualifying Round socks.  I have made some great progress and am finished the gusset decreasing on both socks now.  All that is left is to finish the feet and toes!  The deadline to finish for qualifying to advance in the madness is at noon on Thursday.  I should be able to finish them in time!  I am actually hoping to have them done by the end of the day on Tuesday, but we shall see!  Here is what they look like now:

Once I have these done and while waiting for the teams to be announced (and the next round to begin) I plan to continue to work on my Rowe Cardigan.  It will be nice to work with larger needles and heavier yarn again!

Until next week when I hope to have a finish to show you!


  1. Those are quite nice. I am sure you will be done in plenty of time. I really love the top of the sock.

  2. Your socks are really coming along nicely, Karen. Looking forward to seeing your finish!

  3. I've already favourited the sock pattern, but I'm not up for tight deadline knitting. Looks like you're in good shape to finish on time!

    Amazing that feeling of switching from fingering to worsted, huh!?!

  4. Those socks are so pretty! Good for you meeting all your deadlines. Since I retired I don't do deadlines!

  5. They are looking lovely and you are on the home straight.