Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The 2018 A-Z Blogging Challenge!

Welcome to the 2018 A-Z Blogging Challenge!!  I tried this once before in 2015 and finished up to the end of H.  I tried again in 2016 and completed the challenge!!  Now I am going to try once again. The goal of the challenge is to blog every day (except most Sundays) through the month of April.  Beginning April 1st (the only Sunday included this year) everyone participating will blog about something beginning with the letter A, April 2nd we blog about B, and so on. I plan to blog mostly about arts and crafts topics.  I have started making a list of everything I want to blog about, but I will admit that I am still contemplating a few letters where I am not sure what I will write about.  I need to carry my list with me so that I can be sure to add to it whenever I am struck by inspiration. 

Join me for the month of April and cheer me on as I tackle this challenge!


  1. I will be watching and cheering you on. Maybe next year I will give it a try. We are traveling the first 2 weeks of April this year so no wifi.

  2. I'm right there with you! This is my 3rd year, 1st year went well, second I fell off and for this one I planned ahead. I'll be checking in with you! I can always use a new craft idea..

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    2. Hi Karen...found you on the AtoZ Master list and stopping by to say Hi to a fellow crafter. I've added you to my AtoZ Blog Roll and look forward to your posts. Browsed around your blog and love your knitting. I do some too as well as crochet and more. Here's my link if you would like to stop by for a visit:
      Sue at CollectInTexas Gal