Monday, September 15, 2014

A Year of Projects - September 15th 2014

I have been keeping busy but not updating my blog...

1) I finished my secret design and have it submitted.  I hope to hear good news back from this but it will be a long time away...

2) I entered Sock Sniper and got my socks completed and sent off to my target.  I still have not received a pair of for myself (yet).

3) I have been working on my Tour-de-Sock Stage 5 socks (Arch-Nemesis) lately.  I am now happily knitting down the feet.

Progress Summary:
Sock Madness 8:
1. Chill Thrill (round 6 socks)
2. Alexandrina (round 7 socks)
Tour de Sock:
1. Dazzle Them From Behind (Stage 4)  DONE!!  Finished July 18th 2014 Link to finished project page
2. Arch-Nemesis (Stage 5) Started July 18th 2014 (Lots of progress begin made recently!)
3. Double Flake Squirrel Socks (Stage 6) Started July 21th 2014 (no progress this past week)
Other WIPs to finish:
1. Advent Calendar scarf
2. Crochet scrap afghan 
3. Sock Scrap afghan Started July 24th 2014 (no progress this past week)
1) Secret design begun July 30th 2014.  DONE!!  Finished and submitted September 1st 2014
2) Blue Ice Cowl DONE!!  Finished August 7th 2014
3) Circle Illusion Cowl DONE!!  Finished August 9th 2014
4) Chain Link Fence Cowl DONE!!  Finished August 11th 2014
5) Easy Like Sunday Morning Cowl DONE!!  Finished August 15th 2014
6) Sailing Away Cowl  DONE!!  Finished August 30th 2014

My Ravelry projects page for YOP4 is here with a full list of wips and completed projects.

To check out other blogs taking part in YOP4 or to join head on over to the Ravelry group over here.