Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Year of Projects - January 31st 2016

Time for a Year of Projects Update!  I have made a little progress this past week although I have been quite busy with work and did not have as much spare knitting time as I would have liked!  My progress was on two of my projects.

1) Hitchhiker - I added another six or seven rows - not much but still some progress! Considering that this poor project had been hibernating for some time any progress is good!!

2) Far into the Forest - I made a decent amount of progress on this second sock!  I estimate that I am about half way along the foot.  I hope to have this as a FO in the relatively near future!

Here's hoping I get a decent amount of knitting in this afternoon!!  The rest of my upcoming week is quite busy again so I may not make as much progress as I would like!  Oh well, as long as I make some progress I am happy!

My Ravelry project page for YoP15-16 can be found here.

To read other blogs taking part in YoP - Year 5 please check out the Ravelry group over here!

Friday, January 29, 2016

FO Friday - I got nothing

So some people are happily posting some Finished Objects (FO) for Friday and I got nothing.  Sorry!!  I have, however, been doing a decent job of working on ALL of my WIPs this past week and hope to have something finished soon!  I have three projects that are more than 50% done so maybe in a week or two something will be done!  On the flip side I have not cast on anything new yet in 2016.  I am not sure how long I can hold out but for now it looks like I will make it through January without a new cast on project!  YAY me!!  But once I finish off a couple WIPs all bets are off!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Year Of Projects Year 5 Late Beginning

I have decided to join the Fifth Year of Projects blogging adventure (very late but oh well...).  I joined up in the very First Year and managed to get a few projects done.  I again joined the Third Year and suspect I accomplished even less.  And I joined up for the Fourth Year too and was not so successful.  Now I am joining up for Year 5 mid way through the year and we shall see how I do!  I am convinced that I overestimated my ability to finish up all the projects I chose!  And it doesn't help when I add new things to my list at random!  I want to focus mostly on my own designs and I also have a couple other WIPs that I will work towards completion!

So, without further ado, here is my list:

My Designs:
1) Summer sock design  (the third design in my Four Seasons Set)
2) Winter Socks (the final design in my Four Seasons Set)
3) Herding Cats Double Knit Socks
4) More design ideas!!

Other WIPs to finish:

In the past week I have managed to get some work done on the five projects that are linked above.  You can check out my WIP-it Wednesday post from yesterday to see pictures of where I am on each project.  I will get onto a better posting schedule for next week and aim to post my updates on a Sunday or Monday.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WIP it Wednesday January 27th 2016

Here I am for another WIP-it Wednesday update!  I am down to a total of five WIPS!!  I have also managed to spend a little time of each one of them over the past week and I have hopes of getting some of them finished in the next while.  I also have not cast on anything new in 2016!  Yet - I am seriously twitching to cast on something, anything!!

1) Summer sock design - this is a new design I have in the works. It is part of my Four Seasons Set.  I am starting the third repeat on the leg of sock #2.  

2) Sock scrap-ghan - I tucked in a bunch of tails over the past week and I also added two more squares - at least it is some progress - not much but some!

WOW this is a tad out of focus!!

3) Hitchhiker - I shook the dust off this over the past week and added five more "teeth"

4) Double Flake Squirrel Socks - these are from TdS 2014 and have been hibernating for a long time.  I almost finished the first sock this past week.

5) Far Into the Forest - these are the Stage 2 socks from TdS 2015.  I had the first sock completed and never got around to continuing with the second sock.  I now have the toe and the next few rounds completed on the second sock and hope to keep plugging away on it.

Friday, January 15, 2016

FO Friday January 15th 2016

Finally I am posting a FO Friday collection!! I have been neglecting this recently and there are a few things I finished up in the end of 2015 and already in 2016 (mostly carry-overs from 2015, but finishes none the less...)

First to close up 2015 I finished up (mostly) both of the Advent knits I was doing.

1) My Advent socks.  I ran out of the cream color for the base yarn so I ended them early and gave them to my sister for Christmas.

2) My Advent scarf - I finished this by the end of 2015 but it still needs blocking.  I need to get that part done!!  I'll post some blocking before and after pictures once I get that done!

2016 is off to a good start!

1) My first finish is 2016 is a new design that I completed the knitting on and now have the pattern up for testing on Ravelry.  This is the first of four designs that will be part of an e-book (and individual designs) which will be available later this year (hopefully not too late!)  The first design is The Four Seasons: Autumn.  This design is top-down and includes a mirrored cable design on each sock.

2) The second finish of 2016 is another design in The Four Seasons group.  This one is Spring and I still need to finish writing up the pattern and get it tested.  I am aiming to get the testing started this weekend!

3)The third finish to start off 2016 is a scrap blanket that I began in 2013 (nothing like taking things at a leisurely pace!!)  I had all the squares made up quite some time ago and began putting them together a few months back (and then put is aside again...)  Anyway a friend of mine at work is expecting a baby in February and some others at work planned a baby shower for her - perfect incentive to get this done!!  (and she loves it ♥ )