Monday, February 28, 2011

Who was visiting?

Looked out my kitchen window yesterday morning and saw these tracks.  Wonder who was visiting during the night?  There are bird seed fallouts on the ground under all the snow so maybe that was what they were after?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Got myself a darn cold...

So I have managed to get myself a cold.  When I breathe through my nose I sound like Darth Vader!  Oh well, lots of rest and I hope to get over this soon.

I managed to finish my first of my D socks:

And I am getting back to working on my B socks.  I have got the gusset started now!  This is the first time I have done two at a time and magic loop - maybe trying two new techniques at the same time was not the most clever plan!  I will get these darn socks done!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow Storm and a Finished Project

We had a bit of a snow storm go through here yesterday.  There was somewhere between 6-10 inches of snow and some freezing rain (yuck!).  A nice day to stay indoors and knit :)  Here is a picture out my kitchen window:

And I finished my Baby Tree of Life afghan!!  Here are some pictures:

Here we have the body and the border ready to assemble.

All pinned out for blocking :)

Project: Baby Tree of Life Throw
Started: February 1st 2011
Finished: February 25th 2011
Needle: 4.5mm Addi circular
Yarn: Premier Yarns SAE

More details on my Ravelry Project Page

This will be a gift to Carolyn S. for her baby shower (it's a girl - Ruthie)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring Break (early)

So the University is winding down for spring break (begins at 5pm Friday) but since my classess and office hours were done by noon today - my break begins early :)  Actually I only plan to take a few days of down time and then I need to focus on getting some writing done and some articles submitted.  Monday morning I will head back to the office and focus on research without the distraction of teaching and students for two whole weeks!

I am still slowly working on the border of the baby tree afghan.  I hope to get a few hours in on that this afternoon.  And I have a bunch of tails to tuck in...  A bunch as you can see...

In other crafty stuff I need to get back to my socks once this afghan is done.  I joined along with a challenge on Ravelry (Year Long A-Z KAL) to make 26 pair of socks in 2011!  I must be mad!  We are allowed to begin one new pair corresponding to a new letter of the alphabet each two week period.  So far I have completed my A and C socks, am ready to start the gusset on both B socks, and have cast on D.  I need to be ready to cast on E beginning this weekend!  I somehow doubt I will be able to keep up the pace for the entire year, but worst case scenario is that I have several new pair of socks :)  It's all good!

Here is my progress on my B socks:

B is for "Be Mine"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

52 Weeks, 52 Letters - Week 1

I just stumbled upon this (52 Weeks and 52 Letters) this morning and although I am late I think this sounds like a wonderfully fun idea! I will start now and end my 52 weeks next February!  The first one to go out will be a birthday card (and letter) to my MIL.  I took a card making class several weeks ago and one was a pretty birthday card that I thought would be perfect for her!

Baby Tree blocking

Last night I got the Baby Tree of Life afghan blocked!

Now I need to finish up the border (21 repeats out of 34 are now complete) and sew it onto the body of the afghan. It needs to be done by Saturday morning!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just beginning

My first venture into blogging. I hope to document my crafting, other hobbies, and adventures here.

I am currently working on a baby blanket to give to a friend for her baby shower on Saturday. The body of the blanket is knit but needs to be blocked. The border is probably close to half way done. I am using some mystery yarn I bought at Marden's for $0.99 a skein. It is a pretty light purple color :)

The pattern is the Baby Tree of Life from Lion Brand.

Here is a picture of the yarn:

And here is a picture of the unblocked body of the blanket: