Monday, September 19, 2016

August Finished Objects

August Finished Objects:

18) Entanglements (Tour de Sock 2016 Stage 6) - finished August 2nd 2016

Sixth Year of Projects - Week 12

So I am back!!  I have been back at work (University professor) and am settling into my new routine.  I have less time for crafting lately...  Oh well, work keeps me in the lifestyle I have become accustomed to!

And a side note - my eyes have healed up perfectly and the doctor was pleased when I had my one month follow-up appointment a few days ago!

So my crafting updates:

1) Coffee Cantata (Sock Madness 10 Round 6 socks) - Zero progress here.  I have not touched these in a month!!

2) Celtic Myths Shawl - this is coming along nicely,  I have added several repeats on the edging and it is coming along nicely.  I have spent a bit of my spare time on this one the past couple weeks.

3) Sock scrap-ghan - I have added a few more little squares to this project. I have 89 squares now and am still a long way fro being done!  And I have a few ends to tuck in - I need to keep up with those so that it is not a daunting task later!

4) Bubbles Blanket - All done!!!  This was finished back on September 3rd!  It is so soft and squishy!!

Here is a close-up so you can see how squishy this is!!