Monday, August 22, 2016

Sixth Year of Projects - Week 8

Well this was a slow week with no real progress to show off.  I spent time letting my eyes heal and didn't really do much crafting at all!  I added three little mitered squares to my sock yarn scrap-ghan and I also added another inch or two to Bubbles.  Next week I hope to have some more progress to show off!!  But on the flip-side I had a follow up appointment for my eyes and the doctor was very happy with my healing.  He said I was healing faster than average! I suspect some of that is because I took it easy for the past week and really rested my eyes!

Now that the school year is back in full swing I also have less time to spend on crafting, but I do plan on making sure I spend some time on crafting each day - that is my relaxing time and gives me a lot of stress relief.

In other news I have picked up my paintbrushes again and have begun mixed media art journaling and Bible art journaling.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sixth Year of Projects - Week 6 & 7

So things have been off around here for the past two weeks.  The fan on my laptop died on August 3rd,  Computer guy said he could have it ready on the following Monday or Tuesday (August 8th or 9th).  Go to pick it up and he said oh sorry - hopefully by Friday (August 12th).  Got a call on Saturday that it was ready so I ran down quick and rescued it!!  I had been using my husband's laptop for the past almost two weeks and I like my laptop better!!  I didn't want to mess with all his automatic settings so I didn't log into my blog to update it for last week.  I had been making some progress with my projects though!!

My other exciting news - on August 11th (this past Thursday) I had LASIK surgery to correct my bad eyes!!!  I am so happy with them now!!!  No more glasses (except for cheater glasses for reading, but I am OK with that!! - much better than the trifocals I was wearing all the time before!)  I went in for a follow-up appointment Friday morning and their tests find my vision is now 20/20 with no glasses!! I am SO happy!!  I was actually able to "almost" read the line one below the 20/20 line!  So maybe my vision will continue to improve a bit more as I continue healing.

So my crafting updates:

1) Entanglements (Tour-de-Sock 2016 Stage 6 socks) are all finished now!  They were fairly close to completion on my last update and I finished them up on August 2nd.  I am happy with these!!

2) Diamondback Socks (Tour-de-Sock 2016 Stage 3 socks)  I spent some time these past two weeks working on these and came to the conclusion that I just was not enjoying the knit,  There is too much out there to knit to force myself to work on something that is not bringing me joy.  I have frogged these and will use the yarn for something else.  The pattern is lovely but I just was not feeling the joy working on them.

3) Coffee Cantata (Sock Madness 10 Round 6 socks) - I got a fair bit of work done on these last week and am happy with my progress,  They will be on hold for a week or two now while my eyes heal nicely!  Thin yarn and lots of cables might not be my best choice for knitting while I heal!

4) Celtic Myths Shawl - this is coming along nicely,  I have now completed the body of the shawl and am ready to begin the cable edge. Tough to get a decent picture since it is now all bunched up on the cable of the needles.

5) Bubbles Blanket - I have made some excellent progress on this one.  I have increased it from about 13 inches to about 19 inches now.  I am hoping that this will be a finish in the next couple weeks.  Figures I am working on an afghan during a heat wave...

I suspect I will spend some more time on the Bubbles Blanket over the next several days as my eyes continue to heal.  I can do crochet more easily without putting much strain on my eyes since I can mostly do it by feel.  The fingering weight projects will likely be put aside for a week or so until my eyes are more healed up.  I do not want to strain my new eyeballs!!

Until next week!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sixth Year of Projects - Week 5

I am a bit late this week in updating my progress.  This past week was Vacation Bible School at our church and I was busy with that.  Once that was done hubby and I took a couple days off and relaxed!!  We got back home last night and I am just now getting things updated!

Since this past week was quite busy I did not get around to many projects.  I did however get a fair bit done on my Tour de Sock Stage 6 socks.  I was really hoping to get the pair done by the deadline but did not make it.  I did manage to complete one sock and have 2.5 repeats plus the cuff left to do on the second sock.  I expect that this will be a finish to report for my next update!!