Sunday, October 22, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 17

Hello everyone!  Back for another weekly update!  17 weeks in a row!!!  I am happy that I am keeping up with this!  I had a productive week - especially compared to last week (when we had company and had fun with them instead of crafting much).

I kept caught up with my Temperature Scarf.  This thing is going to be a monster once we get to the end of the year!  My progress since the last picture is from the orange marker forward.

I finished clue number 2 on the Mystery Shawl and got a start on Clue number 3!  This picture shows Clue Number 2.  I am really enjoying this knit although each clue is taking longer as the width of the shawl is growing!

I spent some time on John's Vanilla Socks and am happily cruising down the second foot now.

I also spent some time working on my BAMKAL and BAMCAL squares.  I finished both of the October BAMKAL squares and all my BAMCAL squares!!  I am impressed with myself at finishing all of the October squares in October!

October Main BAMKAL square:

October Alternate BAMKAL square:

October Main 12 Inch BAMCAL Square:

October 12 Inch Filler BAMCAL Square:

October 6 Inch BAMCAL Squares (made four of them):

For the next week I plan to continue working on my Mystery Shawl - the final clue comes out on Friday.  I also plan to keep up with my temperature scarf and hope to finish at least one of my two Socktober socks!

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 16

Back for another Year of Projects update!

This week we had company in from back home (Canada) and I spent more time visiting than knitting but that is fine since I did get a little bit done.

I mostly kept up with my Temperature scarf - this shows my progress (from the orange markers forward is what I did this past two weeks).  I am behind three days.

The second clue in the mystery shawl was released on Friday and I had a bit of time to work on that on Saturday but only a few rows - I'll post an update picture next week.

I also spent some time working on my Vanilla socks.  I didn't post a picture last week, but this shows my progress over the past two weeks (from the green marker forward).  I am about half way through the gusset decreasing.

I should get more done next week while after our company has gone back home (we had such a nice visit and saw all sorts of fun things!)

My page of current projects for this YOP can be found here.

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 15

Week 15!  I am amazed I am keeping up with this so well!!  I have had another good week.

I kept pace with my Temperature Scarf and am now over 75% complete with that!  I am happy to see the yellows and greens showing up (instead of the reds for the hotter temperatures!)

I joined up with a group on Ravelry for Socktober with the goal of completing our single socks to make pairs.  I have three pair I plan to work on this month and will be happy if I finish two of them!  This week I did work on the two pair and made some progress on each.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me not to frog these pink cabled socks - I am finally making some progress on them!!  Heel flaps and turns are complete and one set of gusset decreasing is about one third done.

I didn't get a picture taken of the second one but I did get from have one sock complete and the second part way along the leg to the point where I am working on the gusset decreases.  I'll aim for some more pictures next week!

On Friday the first clue in a mystery shawl I joined was released so I had to cast that on!  I had dyed the yarn for this earlier in the week and have finished the first clue.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 14

And here we are for another week!!  I am amazed that I am keeping up with this every week so far this year!!  WOW!

So this week I finished my last September BAMCAL square.  I modified the 6 inch square and made it into a 12 inch square as I could not get gauge for the 6 inch.  I love the modified square I made!!  Here it is:

And since I got all caught up on my projects I was determined to catch up on I treated myself to a new cast on!  I signed up for a Selbu Mitten Club a little while back and am finally getting to casting on the first pair.  The first ones were released in the late summer, and the regular club mittens (three additional pair) are released September 1st, October 1st, and November 1st.  I cast on the first pair earlier this week and made some great progress!  I am enjoying this knit and look forward to casting on the second pair.  I was hoping to be caught up and ready to cast on the October 1st mittens on the 1st, but it didn't happen.  At least I should be able to make them in October!

The first pair of  Selbu Mittens is complete!!

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 13

Another week of progress to report although it was a busy week at school and I did not get time to craft as much as I would have liked (it looks like a lot but the crochet squares go fairy quickly!!)

I kept at it with my Temperature Scarf and am now all caught up!  This past week's progress is from the two orange markers forward.

And I kept working on my BAMCAL squares.  My original plan was to do all the squares in blues, white, and black combinations, but I am running low on most of the blues I had in stash.  So now the plan is to use the squares made in the first six months to make one afghan all in the original color scheme and for the remaining six months of the year I will use all sorts of random colors I have in my stash to make a second afghan.  July is already done in the original colors, but the rest will be mixed now with whatever I have in my stash.

Here is what I finished this past week:

My August Main 12 inch BAMCAL square:

My August Alternate 12 inch BAMCAL square:

My four August 6 inch BAMCAL squares:

My September Main 12 inch BAMCAL square (I think the brown is too dark here...):

My September Alternate 12 inch BAMCAL square:

My September 6 inch BAMCAL square was just not coming out right.  In order to keep it close to 6 inches I needed to go down to a 4mm hook - with worsted weight yarn it was killing my hands and was still coming out too large...  So I gave up on that idea and went up to my usual 5mm hook and I will turn this into another 12 inch square.  I am part way through it now and am much happier with the process and I think it will look great as a larger square!  Here is where I am at now (it will be complete later this morning).

Once I have this last September square complete I can cast on my Selbu mittens (the first design in a Selbu Mitten Club!!  We shall see how much I get done on that by next Sunday!  I'm not sure which color combination I will use for the first pair, but my choices are here:

My page of current projects for this YOP can be found here.

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 12

I have spent the past week playing catch-up and trying my darnedest not to cast on anything new (aside from the monthly squares that I was behind on!).  I think I accomplished a lot!!

This week I managed to finish my September Main BAMKAL square:

and my July Main 12 inch BAMCAL square:

and my July Alternate 12 inch square:

and my four July 6 inch squares:

I also spent some time pinning out and steam blocking (since I used an acrylic yarn I had in my stash for this afghan) ALL of my BAMKAL squares.  I also need to take decent pictures of them all and get that updated on my Ravelry project pages.  I plan to do that later today.  I bought some cream colored yarn that I plan to use as a border on each square - I will crochet these borders on and then I can start sewing them all together.  Now that they are blocked I can see that there are a few that are a bit small - the border will work nicely to even out the sizing!

First dozen pinned out - until I ran out of pins!
And the rest of them!
And last but not least I am getting closer to being caught up with my Temperature Scarf.  I made it to the end of September 3rd.  This past week's progress is from the two plastic orange stitch markers on each side!  The first single metal marker shows when July ended and the second single metal marker shows where August ended.  I should be completely caught up for next week's update!

Before next week I want to be caught up on all my BAMCAL squares and my Temperature scarf so that I can justify casting on a pair of Selbu mittens from the club I signed up for last month (I am behind there too - there is the original pattern plus the September pattern to knit before the October and November patterns are released!)  Hopefully I can cast on a pair of those next week!!  YAY!!

My page of current projects for this YOP can be found here.

To read other blogs taking part in YOP - Year 7 (or to join up yourself - it is never too late!) check out the Ravelry group over here.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 11

Another weekly update here!  My Tour-de-Sock Stage 6 socks have kicked my tail and done me in!  These have been the most difficult, challenging socks I have (tried to) knit!  They involved stranded knitting with three colors together (and four once you get to the heel flap - I didn't get that far...)!  And use the Jacquard laddering method to catch the floats.  I enjoyed learning the Jacquard method, but the three colors really slowed me down!  I have resigned myself to the fact that I will not finish these socks!  I got the cuff completed and got part way through the first charts beyond the cuff (but did not take a picture).  I am afraid that these have been frogged.  I may revisit them at a later time - we shall see, but for now they are frogged and gone.  Here is what the cuff looked like:

I had made myself a personal challenge to complete all six stages during the allotted time, and even though I failed at that I can say this year is my personal best in all of the Tours I have participated in.  I finished four pair during the allotted time frame and finished the fifth pair within a few days of the cut off for that stage.  I am happy to have five new pretty pair of socks!!  And I learned several new knitting techniques.  Who knows - maybe next year I will complete all six pair!  If not, at least I plan to try again!!  Here are my five completed Tour-de-Sock socks!

So since I threw in the towel on Thursday afternoon (the pattern was released on Sunday morning - yeah - four and a half days of knitting (not all day each day, but many hours) and all I had to show was a cuff and a little bit more - seriously like eight rounds more) I "had" to work on something else!  So I picked up some other knitting to fill the time!  I worked on my September BAMKAL alternate square and got that one finished.

Then I cast on the September BAMKAL Main square and made some progress.

I also spent some time working on my Temperature Scarf (which has been neglected for some time).  I last did my two rows on June 29th...  Now I am up to ...  I plan to work on this for a bit more and hope to get completely caught up again!  This is why I did not choose to make a temperature blanket!!  Two rounds in a scarf a day is a doable catch up but I would never have kept up with a blanket!!  My recent progress is from the two orange markers:

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 10

Back again for another weekly update!  I have not much to show this week other than my Tour-de-Sock Stage 5 completed socks!  These were a fun knit and I love the final product.  Here they are:

The second picture shows the beads and cables quite nicely.  The second sock has the bead color placement reversed.

Tour-de-Sock Stage 6 - the final stage in the challenge - was released earlier this morning.  It called for four colors - so I set to work dying yarn to use in hopes that it would work well.  I decided on a yellow and purple to dye (the two main colors).  For the smaller contrast colors I am using leftovers of the blue I dyed for Stage 4 and some bare.  I'll be casting these on later this morning!  The socks look amazing, but I am not sure if I will finish in time - these beauties involve stranding with three colors in a row...  I suspect that might slow me down a bit!  Here is a picture of my colors - purple and yellow are my main color and contrast color with blue and bare being my two highlight colors.

Then, once these socks are complete I will knit something NOT socks!  I may switch to crochet and work on catching up on my BAMCAL squares, but time will tell.  I suspect I will have nothing to update next week except my Stage 6 socks, but we shall see!  Until next week!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 9

Nine consecutive weeks I have managed to post my update (and on Sunday too!!)  I am impressed with myself!

The first week of school went well but it did cut into my knitting time!  Such is life in the real world :)

So I managed to finish my Tour-de-Sock Stage 4 socks, but not by the deadline to get a point for completion.  Oh well.  I had challenged myself to complete all six stages during the allotted time, but missed on one (so far).  But, I did finish it within several hours of the deadline.  Here are my Stage 4 socks:

I reversed the colors in the second sock and love the look!  The blue is my own hand-dyed and the white is bare yarn.

On Thursday afternoon the Stage 5 sock pattern was released and I have been working on those since.  I have made some decent progress!  I have until September 3rd to finish them!  I love the cables and beads!!  What fun!!  Here is a progress picture (I am reversing the bead color placement on the second sock):


If I am honest I am getting a bit burnt out on socks!  Once I finish the Stage 6 socks I suspect I will take a sock break for a little while!!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 8

Another week has flown by and I made some progress on my projects!  Things are picking up at university so my crafting time is reduced now.  The semester (classes) begins tomorrow but the past week involved a bunch of meetings and organizational things that needed to be attended.  I may not be making as much progress as I had been for the past couple months, but I will be keeping at it!

First I finished my August alternate square and my August Main square.  I am happy to be all caught up on my BAMKAL squares!!  All of these squares need a good blocking!!

The Tour-de-Sock Stage 4 design was released late on Monday night and I have focused mostly on that since!  It is a mosaic design and I am enjoying the knit!  I have not made as much progress as I would have liked but since school is getting back into swing this might be my new normal...  I dyed the blue yarn myself and am using the bare yarn as the contrast.  The second sock will have the colors reversed with a blue cuff, heel and toe.  Here is my progress so far!  I hope to complete them by the deadline on the 24th so check back next week to see if I made it on time!