Sunday, January 21, 2018

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 30

Back again!  I have had a fairly productive week!

I completed Clue #3 (added the heel flaps, heel turns, and gusset decreases) on my SKA MOCKs and am looking forward to seeing the final clue tomorrow!  Hopefully that last clue knits up quickly!

I spend some quality time with my Advent Cowl.  I am now working on the last round of Day 17 (of 24 days).  This cowl has long rounds (over 200 stitches!) and almost all color work so it is slow going...  I hope to have it done by the end of January, but we shall see!  I just checked and I have 35 rounds left to go and 12 of those rounds are solid colors with no color work!  Lots of color work to go!!

Have an amazing week everyone!!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 29

Hello again for another weekly update!  This week has been less productive for me as University has started up again after our winter break and I have been busy with that.

I did manage to get a goodly amount done on my SKA MOCK (Sock Knitters Anonymous Mystery Sock).  The second clue was released on Monday and I have managed to complete one leg and about half of the second leg.  I hope to get the second leg complete today so that I am ready for the third clue on Monday.  We are told to cut the contrast color at the end of Clue #2 so the heel should be quicker going with only one color!

I still have not blocked my Advent Scarf...  I really hope to get that done this week coming up!  And I want to start sewing together my BAMKAL squares and I want to finish my BAMCAL squares so I can assemble that blanket as well!  I especially want to get these three things done in January so I can clear off most of my WIP list I organized at the beginning of the month!  We shall see how I progress!

Until next time - happy crafting!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 28

Hello everyone!!  I hope you have all had a great week and have stayed warm (if you are in the areas that have been seeing extra cold temperatures recently!)

I have had a fairly productive week.

I finished my Temperature Scarf!  It is super long (over 8 feet long!) and is about 7 inches wide.  It wraps around my neck many times!  Here is what it looks like all done up:

I also knit the two December BAMKAL squares and now have everything ready to assemble.  I hope to get onto that soon!

I only found a tiny bit of time to add a few more rounds on my Advent Cowl and I plan to spend some more time on that this upcoming week.  There is not enough progress to show a picture...

And I broke down and cast on something new.  I had planned on resisting new cast ons for a bit but that didn't work!  I cast on for the SKA MOCK (Sock Knitters Anonymous Mystery Sock) and have almost finished the first clue (each clue comes out on a Monday).  I have one complete and have only the Latvian braid to do on the second and I will be ready for the next clue tomorrow.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 27

Happy New Year everyone!!  I hope everyone had a nice 2017 and I wish everyone all the best for a wonderful 2018!!

I have a list of things to tackle in the new year!  I plan to finish up some things that should have been completed in 2017, but did not quite make it off the needles.

My list:
1) Block my Advent Scarf - the knitting is complete but the blocking needs doing

2) Finish my Advent Cowl

3) Finish my 2017 Temperature Scarf - I am complete to the end of December 13th...
4) Finish my December BAMKAL squares and assemble the afghan
5) Finish my December BAMCAL squares and assemble the afghan

I am hoping to get all of this crossed off the list by the end of January!

While travelling over the holidays I also cast on a pair of vanilla socks using some of my own hand dyed yarn. I am loving how it is knitting up!  I plan on getting back to those soon as well!

Happy New Year everyone!!  May 2018 be your best year yet!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 26

Merry Christmas everyone!!  I think this might be the first week this year that I did not get my weekly update done on a Sunday but I am only one day off!

This past week I made some good progress on my Advent scarf.  I did not finish it on time but am working through the last few clues.  I have not made any progress on my Advent cowl though.  I'll get onto that soon.  While traveling I cast on a pair of vanilla socks and got one leg done.

I am doing this from my phone and don't know how to add picturrs...  that will have to be something I learn how to do!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 25

Another week!  Can you believe we are almost half way through the year?  And even more amazing - can you believe I have posted every week do far this year?!  

I have spent some time this past week working on both of my Advent scarves and have made some progress.  

My Advent Cowl is complete up to the end of Day 13 - and I have reached the half way point!

My Advent Scarf is also seeing some love and I am up to half way through Day 6 - not quite half way but getting close!  This is not a very good picture - I'll be sure to get some better pictures once it is all finished and blocked!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 24

Another week!  I have spent some time this past week working on both of my Advent scarves and have made some progress.

My Advent Cowl has seen some work since last week, although I am falling behind...  I have one round of Day 6 complete and have the clues up to Day 10 waiting for me to knit...  I hope to get some time to work on that this upcoming week!

My Advent scarf has also seen some love this week and I am almost ready to start Clue 5 of the 6 that have been released. It is all scrunchy and bunchy right now and will certainly need a serious blocking once it is done!  The widest part is the center and each clue (released every second day) adds a bit more to each side. 

I had planned on doing a Mystery Sock but I have not had time to even cast that on so I suspect I wont be keeping up with that!!  Two clues are already out.  I think I will take it with me when I go home for Christmas and will work on it then (once my two Advent scarves are complete - which should hopefully be by Christmas day!)

Until next week!!