Sunday, July 15, 2018

Eighth Year of Projects - Week 3

Back for another week!  I have not made as much visible progress as last week, but I have been busy with work stuff...  I did spend all of my knitting time on my Plan A socks - the Stage One pattern for Tour de Sock.  I am about half to two thirds of the way through the gusset decreases (two thirds through one and about half done the second sock).  The Stage Two pattern will be out at noon (1pm in my time zone) on Wednesday so I am hoping to have these bound off by then so I can get a point for finishing within the allowed competition time frame. 

Here is what the socks look like right now - my yarn choice is not the best match for this pretty design...  I am hoping it shows up a bit better once it is all finished and on my feet! 

On Sunday afternoon we went to a nearby reservoir and plopped our lawn chairs down in a shady spot and just sat and enjoyed nature - it was lovely!!  Lots of people out on kayaks enjoying the nice weather.

Until next week everyone!! 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Eighth Year of Projects - Week 2

Hello everyone!!  It has been a fun, busy week here.  I have a finish and a new cast on!!  And I remembered one more pattern that I want to add to my list for 2018-19.

I finished my Miriam socks!  I really like these ones!  I enjoy color work and especially enjoy when the simple strip pattern!  It seems so easy to get into a rhythm when the colors change so evenly!  Here is what they look like all done up:

And the Stage 1 pattern for Tour de Sock 2018 (Plan A) came out yesterday so I decided on my yarn and got them cast on!  The hints for this design said to go wild with colorful yarn so I had narrowed down my choices to several of my different variegated yarns.  I can never really choose a yarn and commit to it before I see the pattern - my choice often changes once I see the actual pattern!  Anyway, I cast on and did a bit of knitting!  I managed to finish both cuffs and got a start on the first leg.  I hope to get quite  lot done on this during the upcoming week!

I also worked on some pet snuggles this past week - they make for extra simple TV knitting (I mean crocheting!).  I have two finished and a third has been started.  Here are the two that are finished (except for the ends that need to be tucked in):

And I remembered one more project that I wanted to include in my list of projects to make this year.  It is the Sockhead hat design.  I am looking forward to knitting this one up - it seems like a nice, easy knit and I can use up one of my pretty skeins of sock yarn for it!!  Which yarn - who knows yet!!

Well that's my progress this first week of YoP 18-19!!  Off to see what others have done!  Until next week!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Eighth Year of Projects - Week 1

I am back for another Year of Projects!!  Last year was my best year - in terms of posting almost every week!  I did not stick to my list as well as I could have, but I did manage to create a lot!  I used up quite a bit of stash and finished several WIPs that I had hanging around the apartment.  This upcoming year I plan to have just as much fun as last year!  I also am setting a goal to complete at least 12 projects over the year.  I should be able to meet this goal!

Ongoing works in progress:
1) Lambs and Chickens and Bunnies, Oh My! - cast on April 23rd 2017 (one sock complete although I am suspecting I may leave this as a single sock and will likely never finish the second sock...  Maybe I should make myself a collection of single socks as an art display?)

2) Sock Scrap-ghan - cast on July 24th 2014 (time to keep moving with this one!!  I currently have 101 squares complete!  Many of you may recognize that this is another long term project that slid through YOP7 without much love)

3) Rowe Cardigan - I cast this on early in 2018 and am very close to having the back complete now.  I need to get back to working on this one as I would like to have it ready to wear this upcoming winter!!

4) Miriam Socks (Tour-de-Sock 2018 Warm-Up pattern)

New plans for using stash include:
1) Stole of Many Minis - I'll use my sock leftovers for this one and will need to find a dark contrasting color as well (hopefully stash!) 
2) 198 Yards of Heaven - use Cascade yarn (this has been on my YoP list several years now - maybe this year I will get it done!!
3) Like a Cloud - use Misti Alpaca (and the lace weight I ordered the other day...)
4) Vertices Unite - use some of my existing sock yarn stash for this one - I have plenty!
5) Pet Snuggles - I plan to continue making these over the next year.  My goal is 12 (or one a month).  This is a great way to use up my old acrylics!

Plus I know I will find all sorts of fun things and fun KALs to join along during the year!  I will be participating in Tour de Sock (again) and Sock Madness (again) so those two will generate several sock projects!  I also suspect I will be drawn to some mystery KALs along the way!  

My goal for this year is to complete 24 projects!  Let's see if I can keep up the same pace as last year!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Seventh Year of Projects - Year end review!

Today I want to do a review of my YOP7.  I had an amazing time and created a lot!  I managed to complete most of the things on my WIP list, I did not touch my new plans list, and I certainly beat my 12 projects goal!  

Ongoing works in progress:
1) Find Your Fade - using hand dyed by me yarn - cast on July 1st 2017 - I frogged this as I was not feeling the colors I had dyed for it - the contrast between some was too much.  Instead I am using the yarn for other projects.  I do want to make the Fade Shawl someday as I do like the look of it - I might just have to dye some other yarn for it.
2) John's Vanilla Socks (no pattern) - cast on June 26th 2017 - these were finished in time to give away as a Christmas gift.  Now the hubby is saving them for a special occasion and has not worn them...
3) Temperature Scarf - began January 1st and will finish around December 31 - DONE
4) Cocoa Coffee - cast on May 29th 2016! - DONE!
5) Lambs and Chickens and Bunnies, Oh My! - cast on April 23rd 2017 (one sock complete) - these I have not touched and it remains as a single sock.  I am starting to think I may keep it as a single sock and turn it into an art piece.  Maybe I will make a few single fancy colorwork socks and create a cluster of socks for decoration!
6) Sock Scrap-ghan - cast on July 24th 2014 (time to keep moving with this one!!  I currently have 95 squares complete!) - this also was not touched all year.  I can't believe I did nothing with this in a year!!  I think I need to add it into a monthly rotation so that I finish it some time!
7) BAMCAL squares - Monthly crochet squares that will turn into one or two afghans by the end of 2017. Complete to the end of September. - DONE
8) BAMKAL squares - Monthly knit squares that will turn into one or two afghans by the end of 2017. Complete to the end of September. - DONE

So overall I am happy with my progress through my WIPs in the past year. I succeeded in finishing off several projects and I am ending this YOP cycle with fewer WIPs than what I had a year ago!  I currently have only five WIPs (compared to the 8 I had this time last year)New plans for using stash include:
1) Summer Shawlette - use Berroco Comfort Solids and Heathers
2) Elva Shawl - use Manos del Uruguay  (need to buy the pattern)
3) Casu Cowl - use Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Alpaca Dance
4) Abundance Table Runner - use Bernat Soy 
5) 198 Yards of Heaven - use Cascade yarn

My new plans saw zero success.  I did not accomplish anything on my wish list even though I did make a lot of new projects - just none from my original list.  For next year I think I will keep my list even shorter and see if this is the year I actually create something from this part of my plan!

Finished Objects: I aimed for 12 finished objects and I knocked that out of the park!!  I am happy with what I accomplished even though only 5 where on my original list!!  
1) Tour-de-Sock Stage 1 - finished July 25th
2) Tour-de-Sock Stage 2 - finished August 3rd
3) Tour-de-Sock Stage 3 - finished August 12th
4) Mini Sweater #1 - finished August 12th
5) Tour-de-Sock Stage 4 - finished August 25th
6) Tour-de-Sock Stage 5 - finished September 3rd
7) Selbu Mittens - finished October 1st
8) Vanilla Socks for John - finished October 31st
9) Fall's Fragility - finished November 5th
10) Coffee Cantata - finished November 28th
11) Fire Swamp - finished November 30th
12) Chrismukkah - finished December 27th
13) Temperature Scarf 2017 - finished January 2nd
14) Heahmund - finished January 25th
15) Advent Scarf 2017 - finished February 2 
16) 2017 BAMCAL - finished all the squares and assembled two afghans February 2018
17) 2017 BAMKAL - finished all the squares and assembled the afghan February 2018
18) The Lady of Rivendell - finished February 26th
19) Sock Madness 12 Qualifying Round - finished March 14th
20) SM12 Round 1 - finished March 25th
21) SM12 Round 2 - finished April 15th
22) SM12 Round 3 - finished April 27th
23) Impressionist MKAL - finished May 1st
24) SM12 Round 4 - finished May 25th
25) Vanilla Socks - finished May 28th
26) Pet Snuggles - finished 8 crochet pet snuggles which will be donated to my local pet shelter 

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 51 & 52

I missed posting last week since I was away traveling and had really spotty internet access at all the hotels we were at (or so it seemed).  While away I did almost zero crafting.  I managed to add less than one inch to my Miriam socks!  We got home on Friday late afternoon and on Saturday I spent some nice quality time with my yarn and needles and managed to get some serious progress made! I am ready for the heel turn on one sock and about a third of the way along the heel on the second.  The markers show where I was last time I posted.  I hope to get these finished in the upcoming week!  Here is where I am now:

I can't believe the Seventh Year of Projects is all done!!  I am so amazed that I kept up and posted nearly every week for the past year!!  I think I missed only two (or maybe three) weeks!  I am excited to begin the Eighth Year of Projects!!  I need to get going on creating a list for next year (and likely won't follow it anyway if my past participation is any indication!).

I want to recap what my plans had been for YOP7 and see what I actually accomplished.  I will post an update on that during the week.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 50

So close to the end of the year!!  I am amazed!

I am away at a conference this week and likely won't get much knitting done.  This past week I have only had a bit of time to do some knitting but have made some progress on my socks.  Here is what they look like now:

Time to go shower and head out to the transit station so I can get tot he conference!  Until next week!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 49

We are getting so close to the end of the Seventh Year of Projects!!  I am thrilled at how well I have kept up this year!  And I am getting excited for next year!

This past week I finished my Vanilla Socks.

I spent some time on my new design but I am sorry to say you will have to wait some time to see what I am working on.  I promise to show it off once I can!

I worked up a few pet snuggles - 5 to be exact.  The top three were done in May and the bottom two were done in June.  These crochet up pretty quickly and are a nice change of pace (and work my hands differently) from knitting!  I have a couple ends to weave in yet but that won't take much time at all.

And I broke down and cast on something new...  I signed up for Tour-de-Sock again this year and they released the Warm Up pattern on Friday.  I like it and decided to give it a go!  So far I have one and a half cuffs done.  Once the cuffs are done the color work begins!  I am using a darker burgundy to go along with this pink speckled!

I suspect this upcoming week will have me focusing on my Tour socks and my secret design.  Come back next week and see my progress