Monday, May 21, 2018

Seventh Year of Projects - Weeks 46 & 47

I'm back a week plus a day late!!  I was traveling and was not able to get last weeks post done.  I was using my Mom's computer and I did not want to log out of her gmail account to use mine in case I could not get her machine back to it's "normal" state.  I had a wonderful time away and got in a lot of visiting with family and friends.  I got home late last night and did not want to tackle this then...  I did not get too much accomplished over the past two weeks but I did make some progress on the two sock WIPS I took with me.

My Vanilla Socks saw some love (I have these going two at a time now and the markers show where I left off last time I posted pictures):

And I got some work done on my Sock Madness Round 4 socks.  I have been eliminated from the competition but I still want to finish these socks as they are so cool looking!  One sock is complete (showing the front view) and the second is ready to pick up the gusset stitches and move down the foot.

I suspect I will spend some time this week trying to finish up both of these pair of socks.  I am itching to cast on something new, but I really need to finish these up first!  I also need to start thinking about my list for next year, although I really did not stick to my list this past year...  Enough of this disorganized, random post!  I'll be back to "normal" for next week!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 45

Back again!! 

This past week has seen some progress!!  I finished my Impressionists MKAL Shawl but have not got around to blocking it yet.  This was a really fun knit and I actually enjoyed all the garter stitch :)  You can't see it here but this has a picot bind off and I added beads to the picots!  I'll get some better pictures of that once it is blocked (which won't happen until later this month).  All the ends are tucked in and will be clipped after blocking.  Here is what it looks like before blocking:

Then I spent a bit of time working on some vanilla socks I started quite a while back.  I need to get the second gusset complete and then I plan to get them onto one needle so that I can do the feet two at a time.  I am going to be traveling this week and will want something easy to work on.  Here is where I am at now:

And the newest round of Sock Madness began on Thursday.  It is stranded color work and I am slowly making some progress.  Only ten people on each team advance to the next round and four on my team are already done.  I am not sure I will make it this round.  I do want to finish the socks because they are so pretty!  It has a different design down the front and back of the leg.  Here is a picture of where I am now (front and back views - it will be a dragon when it is done!):


Back (he has a red bead for his eye!)

And just for fun here is a picture of me from yesterday.  We had our graduation ceremony at my university.  I love wearing my regalia and watching my students walk across the stage to get their diploma ♥

I might not have as much to show over the next couple weeks as I will be home visiting family in Manitoba.  I only plan to take my two pair of socks to work on - I suspect that will be enough to keep my hands busy!  I plan to post my blog from my Mom's computer while I am away so if I am not around for the next two Sundays you know why!!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 44

I can't believe how close to the end of the YOP year we are getting!!  And I can't believe I have consistently posted for so many weeks!!

This has been a productive week.  I started and finished my Sock Madness Round 3 socks!  The pattern was released on Sunday morning and I cast on in the early afternoon.  I knit like a fiend and managed to finish by 1am on Friday morning!  This might be a record for me to knit a pair of socks!  I managed to finish fast enough to make the cut and to advance to Round 4!!  I was the last one to cross the line and move ahead!  I took spot #20 of  20 places!  Next round will have only 10 advance - I am not sure I am fast enough to manage that, but we shall see!  The pattern was fun and really did knit up fast!  Here is what they look like:

Once my hands were rested a bit (not really, but...) I got back to my Impressionists MKAL shawl.  I finished the third clue and am now working on the fourth (and final) clue.  I have eight rows left to do (ranging from 514 stitches to 534 stitches per row...) plus the cast off.  Right side rows increase by 4 stitches and wrong side rows increase by 2 stitches...  The cast off is a picot bind off and I am considering adding beads to the picots!  I have a bit of time to decide on that before I cast off.  I hope to have this one done and blocked for next weekend.  I had hoped to have them as a finish for today, but I didn't make it...  I can't wait to have this off the needles!!  The picture is all scrunchy and bunchy since it is on a relatively short cable (especially for the number of stitches).  My progress since the last update is from the green marker.

And I want to spend some time with my Rowe Cardigan this week coming up!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 43

Back for another week!!  This week I have been monogamous!!  That does not happen too often, but it did this week.  I had fallen behind on my Impressionist MKAL and have been trying to catch up since I am between rounds on Sock Madness.  When I last showed you a picture of my shawl I was complete on Clue #1.  Clue 2 and 3 had been released but I had not worked on them yet.  So this past week I have finished Clue #2 and almost finished Clue #3 (I have four rows left of Clue #3 - but my last row was 468 stitches and each row increases by either 2 or 4 stitches, so the rows take awhile!)  Clue #4 was released yesterday morning and I hope to get this shawl done before the next round of Sock Madness!  It is hard to get a picture of the shawl now as there are so many stitches bunched up on the cable...  Soon I will be posting a picture of it all done and blocked :)

Here is a picture of where I am now.  The first marker shows the beginning of Clue #2 and the second marker shows the beginning of Clue #3.

Here is the yarn I plan to use for the next round of Sock Madness.  It is also yarn I dyed myself.  And as I was getting this all typed up the pattern dropped for the next round of Sock Madness!!  I'll be casting this on momentarily!! 

Until next week!!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 42

Oops!  I am late by a day this week - I think for only the second time this year around!  Still keeping myself on track and posting weekly though and I am so amazed that I have keep going with this so consistently this year!!

My week has been busy!  I have only worked on my Sock Madness socks this week and have touched nothing else!  But I do have a finish to report!  Actually that is why I am late posting this - I wanted to finish my Sock Madness socks before posting and then it turned out I finally finished my socks around 11pm... I now know how to knit brioche and I like it!!  I don't think my color choices were the best - not quite contrasty enough...  Oh well!  But they are done and I am still in the running!!  Round 3 will begin in about a week from now (Round 2 finishes on Friday at 7pm). 

This week coming up I plan to work on my Rowe Cardigan and my Impressionists Shawl MKAL.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 41

Another week of crafting has come and gone!  It felt like I had a very busy week with work related stuff, but I seemed to get some crafting done as well!  YAY!!

I did a few rows on my Rowe Cardigan and am now ready to begin the decreasing for the shoulders.  I hope to find some time this week to get that done.  My progress since my last update is from the second marker (the first one marks a measurement point for the armhole)

I finished up the first clue on the Impressionist MKAL and am much enjoying this knit!  The second clue has come out (Saturday morning) but I have not had a chance to get going on that yet.  My progress since last Sunday is from the marker (which is barely visible between the first two blue stripes...)

And the Second Round of Sock Madness has started so all my spare time has been focused on that.  The pattern came out Friday night but I was too sleepy to cast on.  I had an all day function at work yesterday and have another this afternoon so my weekend knitting has suffered!  Rest assured I will be knitting more this evening once I am back home again!  I on on the third block section on the first sock (we need to do nine) and have the cuff of the second sock complete.  I decided to reverse the colors for each sock.  I am happy that I am being "forced" to learn how to knit brioche!  SO far I am loving it (now that I have the hang of it!)  My colors might not be the most contrasty and maybe not the best choice for this design...  Oh well!

Until next week!!  I hope to be done with my Sock Madness socks and hope to have some other progress to show you!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

C is for Crafting

I will admit to being an avid crafter.  I like several different types of crafting and tend to easily pick up new crafts to try!  Probably my favourite is knitting, but I also enjoy crochet, counted cross stitch, and various art projects (including watercolour, acrylic, and mixed media).  I have plenty of supplies to do some paper crafting, but have not really set aside the time to really give it a go.  Hopefully soon!

When it comes to knitting I enjoy making socks, cowls, scarves, and shawls mostly.  I quite prefer to work with fingering weight yarn and am also comfortable working with a sport weight.  Occasionally I work with a worsted weight, but not this is not my preferred weight to work with.  I seem to mostly make accessories and I think this is mostly because I don't have to worry so much about the fit although with socks fit is important!  Currently I am working on a worsted weight, heavily cables cardigan, a pair of plain vanilla socks, and a fingering weight shawl.  i do have a few other projects partially completed, but these three are the ones I am most actively working on.

I will soon get to adding pictures to my posts again!