Sunday, January 20, 2019

Eighth Year of Projects - Week 30

I'm running a little late today...  But I have a finished object to share with you!!  My Rowe Cardigan is all done!  I love it!

And this picture really sums up how I feel about it:

Once I was finished with Rowe I turned to my Texture Time Shawl and have made some progress on that!  I hope to get this one finished in the next couple weeks!  Then I will cast on something new as a reward :) My progress here is from the orange marker out towards the pink (it is easier to see in the second picture)

And I have a new episode of my podcast up on YouTube.  I show off my Rowe Cardigan in more detail there.

See you all next week!!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Eighth Year of Projects - Week 29

Welcome back for another week!!  I have spent all my spare time this week working on my Rowe Cardigan and have added quite a bit to the ribbing.  I am now a bit past half way through all this ribbing!  I need to have eight inches and am not at just over four inches - so a way to go yet!  We are back to school now, so my free time has shrunk.  Oh well!  Here is a picture of the cardigan all scrunched and bunched.  It is tough to get a decent picture of the progress while it is all on the needles.

Here are a couple skeins of yarn I bought recently.  I bought eight of this gorgeous blue and it is destined to become a Sode Cardigan (but I won't cast it on until I get a couple other things off the needles!)  I bought five skeins of the gray and I am not sure what that will become - either a sweater, a vest, or a wrap. 

And I have posted a new podcast where I show you my purchases and give you a better view (sort of) of my Rowe Cardigan.

See you all next week!!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Eighth Year of Projects - Weeks 27 and 28

Happy New Year everyone!!  I missed last week (first time I have missed a week in some time!  Maybe even the first missed week in YoP 8!!).  Anyway, life was busy and I just did not get around to posting. 

I have a couple finishes  from the last time I posted and I have significant progress on one other project!

1) I finished the Boyfriend Hat for my husband's Christmas gift.  He loves it and it fits him well.  And I can't figure out how to rotate this.  It looks right in the file and turns on it's side when I move it here...

2) I finished knitting my Advent Scarf 2018!  I actually finished the knitting on Christmas Eve!  I still have to block it and hope to get that done soon!  I don't really have a good picture of this one yet...

3) I have made significant progress on my Rowe Cardigan!  I have finished the front pieces and have sewn everything together.  I am currently working on the ribbing that goes all the way around the front of the garment (up the right front, across the back of the neck, and back down the left front).  This involves a TON of stitches!!  I have 430 stitches all the way along the piece and it is to be knit in 2x2 ribbing for 8 inches!  I have ten rows complete and estimate I need at least 45 rows to reach 8 inches.  This is my focus project right now and I plan to not work on anything but this until it is complete!!  It is impossible to get a decent picture of this since the stitches are all bunched up on the cable but here it is in a plastic tub:

One of my New Year's resolutions is to knit a bit more monogamously.  I am finding that this suits my style the best.  Even though I love casting on new projects, I find that I only tend to work on a few at a time and the rest languish.  I am planning to keep my number of WIPs to a minimum during 2019!

I posted a new podcast earlier this week and will be posting an update in time for next weeks update here.

Until next week! 

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Eighth Year of Projects - Week 26

We have reached the half way point on our Year of Projects!!  I suspect it is time to revisit my list and see if I am anywhere near what I originally planned or if I have ventured way off track!  Maybe I will redo my list!

This has been quite a productive week!!

1.  I have finished the design I was working on last week and it is set for publication in the near future.  I am allowed to show pictures of the design before publication, but am not allowed ot share the pattern.  Here is what the finished socks look like:

2. I have caught up on my Advent Scarf again!  This includes progress from December 13th through December 22nd!  Only a few more days to go and we are all done with this.  Next week I should be able to show you the finished and blocked item!!   

3. I have picked up my Rowe Cardigan again and managed to get some work done on the two front panels.  This will be my focus project once I am done with my Advent scarf and Christmas knitting is done.  I would love to have this complete before 2019 arrives!  My progress is from the blue marker.

4.  I have one last minute cast on to report...  I decided to make a last minute Christmas gift.  It is the Boyfriend Hat and it is knitting up very quickly!  I have about four inches done and need about six before the decreasing.  I hope to finish it up today, but still have tomorrow as well!

I posted a new podcast yesterday where I talk about each of these four projects.

Until next week everyone!!  Have a very Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you happen to celebrate) and I will see you again soon!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Eighth Year of Projects - Week 25

Welcome back to another week of my Eighth Year of Projects!!

This week I have focused on two projects: my Advent Scarf and a new design.

My Advent Scarf has seen some progress but I am falling behind schedule a little bit!  I have completed the clues to the end of December 12th.  I plan to get onto that again later today or tomorrow and will soon be caught up again!  Here is what it looks like now (my progress this week is from the orange marker and each of the other markers shows the end of each day's clue)

I have spent the past few days working on a design that will soon be published!  The deadline is today!  I need to finish up the knitting (almost done!), fine tune the written pattern, and get some pictures of the finished object!  Here is a (poor quality) picture for you to see - I'll be able to post better pictures later!

I won two lots on an online auction earlier this week!  I won an antique J. Farnham spinning wheel!!  It needs a bit of TLC but is is wonderful condition considering it's age (likely from the early to mid 1800s!)  and it should be up and running fairly easily (I hope). 

I also won a few other random items which include several vintage (maybe antique?) items.  I have posted a couple videos about everything I won if you want to go check it out!

And I have been keeping up with Vlogmas!  Please feel free to check out my playlist with all my vlogs.

I also have posted a new podcast - episode 14!!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Eighth Year of Projects - Week 24

We are almost half way through this round of our Year of Projects!! 

I have had a fairly productive week and have a finish to show off!!  I have finished my Vanilla Christmas socks!  I love them!!  I suspect I will be casting on another pair of Christmas socks soon, but have another project that needs to be finished up first!

I spent a fair bit of time this week knitting on my Advent Scarf and am keeping up with the clues nicely!  I have not done today's clue, but I will be knitting that now that I am home from church for the afternoon!  Here is what it looks like now (my progress from last week is from the first orange marker - the second is marking where I left off after I filmed my podcast a couple days ago):

I have also been working on a secret project.  It is for a publication that will be coming out in the near future and I need to have the sample done by next Sunday.  I am about half way done the knitting now and will be focusing on this and my Advent scarf during the upcoming week.  I'll post pictures of the knit once I am free to do so!

I have been keeping up with Vlogmas this past week and am loving it!!  Here is a link to the playlist with all the Vlogmas videos included.  I also updated my podcast and published Episode 13 yesterday!  I can't believe I have been doing this for 13 weeks already!!  Here is the latest episode:

I have not been keeping up with posting for the Holidailies...  Oh well, something had to give in this busy time of year! 

That is about all!  See you all next week!!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Holidailies 2018 Day 3

I am running really late today!! I left for work fairly early this morning and then had the first of several Christmas parties to go to this evening.  I will leave a quick note here for today though - even though it is getting closer to bedtime!

I am falling a bit behind on my Advent scarf...  I will catch up again tomorrow though.  I am almost done with the clue from yesterday and still have today's clue to work on.  I am too tired now to try working on it so I'll get back onto it tomorrow when I am more rested!

Here is my Day 2 of Vlogmas: