Sunday, December 10, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 24

Another week!  I have spent some time this past week working on both of my Advent scarves and have made some progress.

My Advent Cowl has seen some work since last week, although I am falling behind...  I have one round of Day 6 complete and have the clues up to Day 10 waiting for me to knit...  I hope to get some time to work on that this upcoming week!

My Advent scarf has also seen some love this week and I am almost ready to start Clue 5 of the 6 that have been released. It is all scrunchy and bunchy right now and will certainly need a serious blocking once it is done!  The widest part is the center and each clue (released every second day) adds a bit more to each side. 

I had planned on doing a Mystery Sock but I have not had time to even cast that on so I suspect I wont be keeping up with that!!  Two clues are already out.  I think I will take it with me when I go home for Christmas and will work on it then (once my two Advent scarves are complete - which should hopefully be by Christmas day!)

Until next week!!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

WIP-it Wednesday

I have been busy trying to keep up with my Advent knitting and have made some decent progress (although I am falling a bit behind...)

I am caught up to the end of Day 5 on my Advent 2017 scarf.  I am enjoying this knit and I have expanded my colours a little bit.  I have added in a gray and some pink (one shade is in and one shade is left to join the party later).  Here is what it looks like up to the end of Day 5 (I'll work on Day 6 this evening):

I have also spent some time on my Advent Scarf too.  I am a bit behind with this one but will catch up over time.  This design began with the cable piece to the top.  Then the second clue involves picking up stitches along both sides of the first piece and working the clues once per side down the length of the scarf.  I am part way through the second clue (of three released so far):

I am still hoping to cast on the Mystery Socks but have not done so yet.  Maybe I will find some time on Thursday to cast on!  The second clue will be released on Friday so I would like to be done for then, but we shall see.

I hope everyone is staying warm and is enjoying this time leading up to the holidays!!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 23

Week 23!!  I am amazed I have consistently posted every week for 23 weeks now!  WOW!!

I went a little overboard casting on new things the past few days, but I cannot resist an Advent knit or a mystery sock!

First up is the Advent Scarf 2017.  This is something that has become an annual tradition that I have participated in for four or five years now.  Each day a new clue is released from December 1st through December 24th.  Each day is four or five rounds of knitting.  I have the first two days complete and am part way through Day three.  This year we are creating a colour work cowl - I opted for the smaller one as I knew that my month was going to be busy!  Here are my colours (although I may add some along the way - we shall see as the month progresses!

Second is the Chrismukkah scarf.  I dyed my own yarn for this and am thinking I will likely give it to my Mom for Christmas.  It has a lot of cabley goodness and will have clues released every other day (roughly) throughout Advent.  I have completed Clue #1 and have started Clue #2.  Clue #3 has also been released...  I am falling behind, but hope to catch up soon!

And third is a pair of Mystery Socks.  I have my yarn set aside and have freed up two pair of needles so I can knit these in tandem, but I have not had the time to cast them on yet.  Hopefully on Tuesday!

It has been a busy weekend and I am just now finding time to upload my post for today (at about 10:30pm)  I plan to take and post some progress pictures before next Sunday rolls around!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

NaBloPoMo 2017 Day 30!!

Today is the final day of NaBloPoMo and I have managed to post each and every day this month!  I have amazed myself by doing this!  It has been a great experience and one I look forward to doing again next November!

Yesterday I finished one of my mystery socks and today I need to finish the second sock.  Today I also need to dye some yarn to have ready for casting on one of the mystery Advent scarves!  I think I have decided on a nice green shade and once it is complete I will give it to my Mom for a Christmas gift.  She loves green!  And I also need to pick out yarn for the second Advent scarf I plan to knit along with.  I already have the yarn for the December Mystery Socks chosen :)

Here is where my mystery socks are at now:

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

NaBloPoMo 2017 Day 29

Today is NaBloPoMo Day 29!!  Only one more day to post and I will have posted every day in November!  I am so impressed with myself!  Last year I missed two days so I have done better this year!  

Yesterday I spent my spare time working on my Mystery Socks and I am getting closer to having them all done!!  I suspect I will be able to finish them tonight or tomorrow!  Here is what they look like now:

After work today I need to get onto dying some yarn for one of the mystery Advent scarves I will be casting on Friday.  This way the yarn should be nice and dry and ready to cast on Friday morning!  I am excited to start some new projects!  I have been quite disciplined this past month or so and have only worked on WIPs without caving in to the temptation to cast on something new!  Well on Friday I am going to blow that out of the water by casting on three new things!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

NaBloPoMo 2017 Day 28

Today is NaBloPoMo Day 28!!  Only two more days to post and I will have posted every day in November!  I am impressed with myself!

Yesterday I finished my Coffee Cantata Socks and am so happy to be able to cross them off my WIP list!  They were on my needles for far too long.  I am not happy with the finished product though.  I did not really enjoy the knit.  I wish I had used a different yarn - this one was not well suited to the pattern...  The pattern itself is lovely!  Here they are:

Today I am working form home.  The university is closed today because of a water main break.  They need to shut off the water and heat to get it fixed up today.  So I plan to spend my day alternating between doing some school stuff (I have a conference call training thing from noon to 1:30) and knitting on my mystery socks.  I got a few rounds done on that last night and hope to make some good progress today.  I am planning on adding those to the Finished Object pile this week!  I will be casting on some new things on Friday so I need to get some things off the needles!

Until tomorrow!

Monday, November 27, 2017

WIP-it Down Week Thanksgiving 2017 - Wrap Up

Today is NaBloPoMo Day 27 and my self-imposed WIP-it Down Week is over.  I have to go back to work today and my crafting time will be reduced again.  I think I had a very successful WIP-it Down Week!  I managed to get some work done on all my WIPs with the exception of one.  I finished one charity afghan and brought two project very close to completion.  My happiest accomplishment is in nearly finishing my Coffee Cantata Socks!  These have been languishing for such a long time and they are almost done now.  I had hoped to finish them yesterday but didn't quite make it - I am part way through the toe.  It will become a finished object after I get home from work this afternoon!!  Once I am finished my Coffee Cantata Socks I will get back to the Mystery Socks.  Those are also getting close to completion!  I imagine I might have those done by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest!

Here is where my Coffee Cantata Socks are at now (SO close!!):

So a summary of my WIPs and where they are at now:
1) Temperature Scarf - all caught up on rows and only a few ends to tuck in
2) Coffee Cantata Socks - so close to being done!
3) Mystery Socks - getting closer - I am on the foot of each sock now
4) Find Your Fade - shook the dust off this and got some work done on it
5) Sock Scrap-ghan - added some squares here
6) BAMKAL - I am all caught up now!  Only two squares to knit (and then 7 to block) and assembly.
7) BAMCAL - Got one afghan made, caught up on my squares, and ready to assemble the second afghan once the December squares are released (and made)