Saturday, November 24, 2012

Inspiration Saturday (November 24th 2012)

I just stumbled upon this over on Ravelry and thought it seemed like a good idea (and I was looking for an idea for what to post today anyway!!).  There are links to more of these over at Woolen Diversions page.

Something that inspires me and that I want to try some day is stranded knitting and particularly Norweigan mittens!  I bought this pattern some time back with the intention of making for my sister for a Christmas gift and still have not done it...  One day!!  Maybe for Christmas 2013??

Photo from SvenskStickare's Ravelry page

These are a pair of mittens I want to make for myself.  I have not bought the pattern yet though. 

Photo from tanfred's Ravelry page

And these are adorable!!  Another pattern I need to buy for myself and make!

Photos from kleewong's Ravelry page
And one more pattern to show the basic style of Norweigan or Selbu mittens

Photo from Rigmors Ravelry page


  1. I love all of those mittens, especially the last pair! I've been afraid to give stranded colorwork a try, too, but I think it's gorgeous.

  2. Oh wow, my mom would love those sheep mittens!