Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WIP-it Wednesday (November 21st 2012)

Welcome to another WIP-it Wednesday update.  I have managed to spend a fair bit of time on my socks this past week and have made some nice progress.  Here's hoping they are done before the next weekly update! I am about half way along on the heel flaps now.

Before (back of socks)

After (back of socks)
Front of the socks
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  1. Great socks. I've never knitted two at a time.

    1. Thanks :) Two at a time isn't too bad at all. The trickiest part (for me at least) is pickingup the gusset stitches - I always have to check a book to see how to do it...)

  2. Replies
    1. And hey, I'm doing NaBloPoMo , too! :)

    2. Thanks! I am amazed I have posted every day so far this month!! Some have been short little nothings but it has been every day!!