Sunday, October 8, 2017

Seventh Year of Projects - Week 15

Week 15!  I am amazed I am keeping up with this so well!!  I have had another good week.

I kept pace with my Temperature Scarf and am now over 75% complete with that!  I am happy to see the yellows and greens showing up (instead of the reds for the hotter temperatures!)

I joined up with a group on Ravelry for Socktober with the goal of completing our single socks to make pairs.  I have three pair I plan to work on this month and will be happy if I finish two of them!  This week I did work on the two pair and made some progress on each.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me not to frog these pink cabled socks - I am finally making some progress on them!!  Heel flaps and turns are complete and one set of gusset decreasing is about one third done.

I didn't get a picture taken of the second one but I did get from have one sock complete and the second part way along the leg to the point where I am working on the gusset decreases.  I'll aim for some more pictures next week!

On Friday the first clue in a mystery shawl I joined was released so I had to cast that on!  I had dyed the yarn for this earlier in the week and have finished the first clue.


  1. A very pretty start to your shawl!

    The first pair of socks are looking great! Definitely not for the frog pond!

  2. I like all this pink you're working with.

  3. The first clue produced a beautiful beginning of your shawl. How great that you start off with something really satisfying. You socks are looking terrific, too. So glad for you that you kept at them.

  4. Hi Karen :) The socks are really pretty! I love how the shawl is looking too!

  5. Love the colour and pattern of that shawl. Yay pink!

  6. I am glad you listened to us and did not frog the cable socks. They are so pretty and will be lovely to wear. Too bad, no one will see the lovely pattern work on them. That gorgeous is that. I love the color and the pattern so far. Looking forward to seeing it again next week.