Sunday, June 24, 2018

Seventh Year of Projects - Year end review!

Today I want to do a review of my YOP7.  I had an amazing time and created a lot!  I managed to complete most of the things on my WIP list, I did not touch my new plans list, and I certainly beat my 12 projects goal!  

Ongoing works in progress:
1) Find Your Fade - using hand dyed by me yarn - cast on July 1st 2017 - I frogged this as I was not feeling the colors I had dyed for it - the contrast between some was too much.  Instead I am using the yarn for other projects.  I do want to make the Fade Shawl someday as I do like the look of it - I might just have to dye some other yarn for it.
2) John's Vanilla Socks (no pattern) - cast on June 26th 2017 - these were finished in time to give away as a Christmas gift.  Now the hubby is saving them for a special occasion and has not worn them...
3) Temperature Scarf - began January 1st and will finish around December 31 - DONE
4) Cocoa Coffee - cast on May 29th 2016! - DONE!
5) Lambs and Chickens and Bunnies, Oh My! - cast on April 23rd 2017 (one sock complete) - these I have not touched and it remains as a single sock.  I am starting to think I may keep it as a single sock and turn it into an art piece.  Maybe I will make a few single fancy colorwork socks and create a cluster of socks for decoration!
6) Sock Scrap-ghan - cast on July 24th 2014 (time to keep moving with this one!!  I currently have 95 squares complete!) - this also was not touched all year.  I can't believe I did nothing with this in a year!!  I think I need to add it into a monthly rotation so that I finish it some time!
7) BAMCAL squares - Monthly crochet squares that will turn into one or two afghans by the end of 2017. Complete to the end of September. - DONE
8) BAMKAL squares - Monthly knit squares that will turn into one or two afghans by the end of 2017. Complete to the end of September. - DONE

So overall I am happy with my progress through my WIPs in the past year. I succeeded in finishing off several projects and I am ending this YOP cycle with fewer WIPs than what I had a year ago!  I currently have only five WIPs (compared to the 8 I had this time last year)New plans for using stash include:
1) Summer Shawlette - use Berroco Comfort Solids and Heathers
2) Elva Shawl - use Manos del Uruguay  (need to buy the pattern)
3) Casu Cowl - use Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Alpaca Dance
4) Abundance Table Runner - use Bernat Soy 
5) 198 Yards of Heaven - use Cascade yarn

My new plans saw zero success.  I did not accomplish anything on my wish list even though I did make a lot of new projects - just none from my original list.  For next year I think I will keep my list even shorter and see if this is the year I actually create something from this part of my plan!

Finished Objects: I aimed for 12 finished objects and I knocked that out of the park!!  I am happy with what I accomplished even though only 5 where on my original list!!  
1) Tour-de-Sock Stage 1 - finished July 25th
2) Tour-de-Sock Stage 2 - finished August 3rd
3) Tour-de-Sock Stage 3 - finished August 12th
4) Mini Sweater #1 - finished August 12th
5) Tour-de-Sock Stage 4 - finished August 25th
6) Tour-de-Sock Stage 5 - finished September 3rd
7) Selbu Mittens - finished October 1st
8) Vanilla Socks for John - finished October 31st
9) Fall's Fragility - finished November 5th
10) Coffee Cantata - finished November 28th
11) Fire Swamp - finished November 30th
12) Chrismukkah - finished December 27th
13) Temperature Scarf 2017 - finished January 2nd
14) Heahmund - finished January 25th
15) Advent Scarf 2017 - finished February 2 
16) 2017 BAMCAL - finished all the squares and assembled two afghans February 2018
17) 2017 BAMKAL - finished all the squares and assembled the afghan February 2018
18) The Lady of Rivendell - finished February 26th
19) Sock Madness 12 Qualifying Round - finished March 14th
20) SM12 Round 1 - finished March 25th
21) SM12 Round 2 - finished April 15th
22) SM12 Round 3 - finished April 27th
23) Impressionist MKAL - finished May 1st
24) SM12 Round 4 - finished May 25th
25) Vanilla Socks - finished May 28th
26) Pet Snuggles - finished 8 crochet pet snuggles which will be donated to my local pet shelter 


  1. You really did finish quite a few items this year. Give yourself a pat on your back. I really enjoyed watching your progress throughout the past year. Looking forward to next year with you.

  2. You accomplished so much this year. I loved your temperature scarf especially. Can't wait to see what we all embark on this year.

  3. That's an amazing lot to finish, Karen. I enjoyed your enthusiasm all year and watching all those socks being knit up. You made some beautiful things. Looking forward to a new YOP year!

  4. Well done! I’m always impressed by those that can keep up in Sock Madness and Tour de Sock!

  5. You are the tour de sock and sock madness Queen!!