Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm Back!!

I have taken a break from blogging and it is about time to get back on track here!  My latest news is that I had surgery on my hand yesterday to release a tendon in my thumb.  I had a trigger thumb and had a cortisone shot in it a few months ago.  That worked temporarily but the pain and discomfort came back.  My next alternative was to have what is called trigger thumb tendon release surgery.  It was a quick day surgery.  I checked in a 7:30am, the surgery was at 9am and we were on our way home before 11:30am.  I have a huge bandage on it right now.  Here is what that looks like:

I can take this bandaging off in a couple days and can start wearing a "normal" bandage on it.  It hurts right now and I am taking some pain medications (make me fuzzy and sleepy) but the pain is not too bad.  Knitting is off limits for a few days!!  And typing is tricky!  I will be able to get back to knitting once I have the small bandaging on it late this week.  But I suspect that it will be slow going for the first while.  I'm going to go into withdrawal soon!!


  1. Feel better! That sounds like a painful surgery.

  2. Get better soon. I would rather let the meds make me sleep than be bored without my knitting :)

    Trenody85 at Beself-sufficient