Monday, July 22, 2013

Change of plans!

So the other day I started a scrap afghan.  Now, although I love the way the pattern looks I was reminded again that I really do not enjoy making traditional granny squares.  I don't like that I can't easily tuck in the tails as I crochet along - this is quite the deal breaker for me - especially when there are oodles of tails to tuck in for each square!

So I changed my mind and decided on another scrap afghan - this one!  I will be using the same yarn and colors that I was planning to use for the first on and will add some more colors as well.  So far I have made 14 squares.  Each one is about 4.5 inches and has only one or two tails to tuck in - one if I line things up nicely and have a chance to stitch over the rest.  Makes me happy and this afghan is going to look so cheerful once it is done!!  I am not sure what size I will make - likely large enough to cover our queen size bed.  I'll have to lay out some squares to see just how many I will need.  I also need to map out the colors - I plan to make a bunch of middles in each color I have and then use each of the others for the second round - and continue doing this for each color.  Make sense??  I'll take some pictures tonight and post them soon!

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