Monday, April 30, 2012

YOP Update

I have really fallen off the Year of Projects updates and progress.  I had a pile of ongoing WIPs when I added this to the mix and have not kept up at all...  The only project from my original YOP list that I have ongoing is my Natural Beauty Wrap.  This had been put aside for some time and I have recently dug it out and am back to working on it.  I have caught up with almost all of my other WIPs and have several that converted to finished objects. I have finally come close to finishing this project!!  The crochet is done! I need to tuck in the tails and soak in preparation to block it later today!  I will be very happy when this is done - it is really pretty but I am getting tired of it and am eager to start something new!!  Here is an update photo of my progress (I'll post the after-blocking photo next week!):

I am not sure what project to start next!  I have an afghan I need to crochet for my niece's birthday so that will be taking up some of my time for the next while.  Maybe I should aim for one of my smaller projects!


  1. Pretty scarf. I like to intersperse smaller projects between larger projects. After investing weeks in something bug, it's a nice change to have some instant gratification.

    Have you picked an afghan pattern for your niece? Is it going to be made up of smaller motifs? That could be a fun change!

    1. Thanks :) I am making the Sunrise Sunset Afghan pattern for my niece - it is made up of 6.5 inch motifs so it will be fun to do.

  2. Very pretty, I too have been working on things that weren't on my list of late...must take a look at The List again I think.

  3. The scarf looks nice. I agree, switch up between small and large projects.