Sunday, October 13, 2013

Year of Projects Update #5

Apparently I am not very consistent in regular posting here...  Anyway, I have been keeping busy with designing for the past 6 or so weeks (seriously it has been that long?!).  My test knitting for my very first pair of socks is all complete (thanks to those who volunteered!! I appreciate it very much!) and the pattern is now up for sale.

I have created a Rav designer page (which I also need to update!) here

I have also finished several more designs and have had them tested and published.  Here are the ones that are all complete:

Petals Cowl

Tilting Petals Cowl

Tri-Colored Cable Socks

The following patterns are in testing right now and are almost ready for release:

Saltine Cowl

Hourglass Headband

Airy Cowl

I am looking for some more testers for this sock pattern:  Sign-ups are over here
Hourglass Pillars

And finally I have two more patterns that I am working on right now:


  1. Wow Karen! That's a lot of work! Congratulations on all the designs! I like the cowls!

  2. The first two cowls look awesome, not sure which one I like best, perhaps the 2nd one....good luck with your patterns and selling them. Hope all goes well.

  3. That's a lot of work. I have a bunch of designs in various stages of work right now but I'm also knitting other things. Some of these designs have been in the design process for almost a year, if not longer...some of them need to be retested (by me) before I send them out to testers...some need the pattern written and edited...::sigh:: It'll all get done. Sometime. I suppose I could write the pattern for many of them and get the tested while I'm doing them, too. Or not. I don't know.

  4. Fantastic designs, very best of luck with them.

  5. Oh my word have you ever been working hard! All lovely designs too. I love the last one in that color as it reminds me of these tiny little acorns that are all over my driveway right now! LOL! Great job!

  6. Boy! You have been busy. I especially love the petal cowls. :)

  7. Saltine cowl = perfect name! We always had saltines in the house, and Mom would whip them out at the first sign of an iffy tummy :)

  8. Wow, all of those items are awesome! You are a talented designer :)