Friday, November 22, 2013

WIP-it Down Week

I have a week off work for the Thanksgiving break and I plan to get caught up on some crafting projects.

My schedule will be:

Friday -- I want to start something new :)  OK so that is not a WIP-it Down goal but still...
Saturday -- Solid Socks Mystery Aug-Sept 2013
Sunday - very little extra time to craft, but I will likely work on socks
Monday - Advent Scarf
Tuesday - Cables and Lace Stole/Scarf
Wednesday - Sock Design
Thursday - Chicane Socks - either work on these or frog them!!
Friday - TBA
Saturday - TBA
Sunday - again not much time...

Monday - back to work...

So, the first two have been on the needles for some time and have not been worked on.  Time to shake off the dust and get them done (or at least get some progress made on them!!)

Each day I will post what my plans are and will post a "before" picture.

Today, though I plan to do up a quick new design.  I found a pretty stitch pattern and plan to make it into a cowl.  This morning we are running a bunch of errands so I will get moving with it after lunch.  No progress pic to start the day with though...

Back tomorrow!

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