Monday, July 21, 2014

A Year of Projects - July 6th 2014

Here are a few pictures of where I am at this week.

Tour de Sock
1. Dazzle Them From Behind (Stage 4) - I have the legs on both complete now and am ready to go on to the heels.  I am making good progress here!  In order to qualify for competition points I need to have it done by July 19th - I think I am on track to make it on time.

Other WIPs to finish:
1. Advent Calendar scarf (6 out of 24 lace repeats complete) I have made zero progress on this in the past year and need to decide if I will finish it or frog it...

2. Crochet scrap afghan (77 little squares complete plus 9 partially done squares)  This also had no progress since last year...  I really need to either start making some more squares, or start sewing the squares together and call it done.  I think this might make for a couple small baby afghans.

3. I want to start a scrap afghan with all my left-over sock yarn - This is the one I want to make!  Here are a bunch of the little balls of leftovers I have ready to go.  I just need to start going with this one!!

This basically sets up my beginning status on my projects!  I hope to keep on track updating this on a regular basis.

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