Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Year of Projects - August 12th 2014

This week I am late again...  This is becoming a trend, but then again Sunday is a busy day in our household.  At least I am continuing with weekly updates :)

This past week was all about designing!  I had two near complete designs that I finished up and posted for sale on Ravelry.

1) First I finished writing up my Blue Ice Cowl design and got some nice pictures taken.  This cowl includes cables, lace and beads!

2) Second I finally wrote up my Circle Illusion Cowl pattern.  I had this sample completed many months ago (like in February!) and finally got some decent pictures and wrote it up.

3) I finished knitting my Chain Link Fence Cowl last night.  I had started this a few months ago and got back at it.  I need to block it, take some pictures (it's rainy today so that might not happen today), and write up the pattern.  I hope to have it up in my Rav shop before the week is over.

4) And I started another knit cowl - Easy Like Sunday Morning Cowl (anyone beginning to think I may have a problem with starting new things without finishing other things first??!)  Anyway, this one is about half done.

I have not touched any of my other items on my list this past week.  I really need to get back to the secret design pattern - I need to have it done by September 1st!  But I also have an idea (or two or five) for some crochet cowls...)

Progress Summary:
Sock Madness 8:
1. Chill Thrill (round 6 socks)
2. Alexandrina (round 7 socks)
Tour de Sock:
1. Dazzle Them From Behind (Stage 4)  DONE!!  Finished July 18th 2014 Link to finished project page
2. Arch-Nemesis (Stage 5) Started July 18th 2014 (no progress this past week)
3. Double Flake Squirrel Socks (Stage 6) Started July 21th 2014 (no progress this past week)
Other WIPs to finish:
1. Advent Calendar scarf
2. Crochet scrap afghan 
3. Sock Scrap afghan Started July 24th 2014 (no progress this past week)
1) Secret design begun July 30th 2014.  I have the two cuffs complete (one in size small and one in size large).  I can't post pictures here as it is being submitted somewhere and secrecy is important.
2) Blue Ice Cowl DONE!!  Finished August 7th 2014
3) Circle Illusion Cowl DONE!!  Finished August 9th 2014
4) Chain Link Fence Cowl The knitting was finished August 11th but I still need to block, take pictures of, write the pattern out, and post this to my Rav shop.
5) Easy Like Sunday Morning Cowl - about half done

My Ravelry projects page for YOP4 is here with a full list of wips and completed projects.

To check out other blogs taking part in YOP4 or to join head on over to the Ravelry group over here.


  1. Love the cowls - you may have not touched any other items, but that looks like loads of work in itself!

  2. Beautiful cowls and best of luck with them, they are both equally beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the chain mail cowl complete.

  3. Lovely cowls! Looking forward to your other projects too! :)

  4. Fabulous Cowls... well done x

  5. Starting new things without finishing the others? Um, yeah. The only things that keeps me focussed is a needle shortage. I HAVE TO finish things to get the needles for other things :)

  6. Love all the designs! Way to go!

  7. These are two, terrific cowls. I like how they're wide and when looped around once, will keep one's neck all snug and warm. You go on the designing.