Sunday, November 22, 2015

WIP-it Down Thanksgiving 2015 - Day 3

Here is what I managed to finish yesterday and where I am at the beginning of Sunday.  I hope to knock more of this down so I can report some more FOs (finished objects) soon!!

Saltines and criss cross squares:
I managed to get this one all done!!  I tucked in several tails, stitched the nine squares together, and crocheted a plain border on it.  It is now set aside to be donated to some charity (TBD later).  Here is what the FO looks like:

Little baby yarn squares:
I spent some time organizing these to decide just how to assemble them.  I have a total of 77 little squares plus three half done squares.  I needed to add the two rounds of off-white to those last three and I was good to go!  I think making an 8x10 square afghan will work out nicely.  This should give me an afghan that will be around 36x45 inches before I add the border.  I managed to get 24 squares attached (three of the ten rows complete!).  Here is a progress picture:

Day 3: Keep plugging along with the crochet afghans!

Five squares that need more to finish:
Today I plan to crochet four extra criss cross squares so that I can round out the five flower petal squares.  Once those are crocheted I plan to stitch them together and add a single crochet border.

Little baby yarn squares:
These will need a single crochet border worked around each square to even out the size of each square before I sew them together.  Some will probably need two or three rounds to make them a bit bigger to match.  Then they will need sewing together and an overall border.  In this picture you can see just how different the square sizes are.  This shows the largest and smallest square.  Without an extra border on each these would not sew together nicely and the finished product would likely be all ripply and never lay flat.

Let's see where I am by the end of Day 3!!  I'll post an update tomorrow morning!!

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