Saturday, November 28, 2015

WIP-it Down Thanksgiving 2015 - Day 9

Yesterday I managed to get a lot done on my Herding Cats Mittens!  Here is my end of day progress picture:

Day 9:  My WIP-it Down Week is nearing an end :(  Today is my last full day to play around with my WIPs and I originally had nothing specific set for today. I have a few things I want to accomplish today.

1. I have numerous skeins of fingering weight yarn that I hand dyed which need to be photographed and posted into my Etsy store.  I want to get this done today!  I'll post another link to my store tomorrow once I have it updated.

2. I have an idea for a book that I want to pitch to a publisher.  I have knit two samples and I also have several swatches (ten of them actually!) complete.  Today I will get decent pictures of the samples and swatches and I will work on getting my first draft of the proposal written.  No pictures here as this will be kept private until it is (hopefully) accepted for publication!

3. I managed to get several projects WIPped down this week and I think today I will pick something that is closest to completion and will focus my last day on that project (after I get 1 and 2 on my list done).  So that means I will be working on my Herding Cats Mittens.  I have 42 rounds complete and am five rounds from finishing the thumb gusset increases.  Then I have about 10-20 rounds to complete on the body to complete it (plus finishing off the thumb). I am hoping that I can finish the mitten today so that I can get the pattern finished off and then get the pattern up for testing.

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