Monday, November 30, 2015

WIP-it Down Thanksgiving 2015 - Wind Down

Yesterday was the final day of my WIP-it Down week (well, week plus a couple days)  I am back to work today, but yesterday I managed to get a fair bit done even though the morning and early afternoon were tied up with Church stuff.

My plans for yesterday were to:

1. Frog my Advent Scarf and reclaim the needles, yarn, and beads for something else.  This was done and now I have my needles freed up!

2. Tuck in the tails on my Sock Scrap Blanket and maybe add a few more squares. - I got the tails all tucked in but that was all.

3. Finish my Herding Cats Mittens and get the pattern written up so I can get it out for testing. - This I did not finish...

4. Add more squares onto my charity afghan.  This I also did not get to.  I did not sleep well the night before and was too tired and fuzzy to focus on much...

I would say that this WIP-it Down week was a great success!!  I finished several projects that had been languishing away and made some serious progress in several other projects.  Now I can keep up with these and hope to arrange another WIP-it Down week soon!! Maybe in mid December once the school year is over?

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