Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cross stitch horse

Here is a cross stitch horse I did ages ago and by ages I mean over 6 years ago or longer.  I honestly do not remember how long ago I did this!!  I came across it a few weeks ago when I was unpacking some stuff and realized how close to done this was!  Why did I not finish it all up???   All that is left to do is the trim on the harness and the tufts on the hooves. 

But look closer - this is embarrassing...  This was obviously done before I paid attention to how clean my hands were when working on cross stitch...  It is soiled.  I will have to research how best to clean this all up and then will have to do the last bit of stitching.  Then I am ready to find a mat and frame for it and it will be all done.  I am aiming to get this all done up on my week off over the Thanksgiving break.  I'll post my after pictures once I am done!  Any suggestions or tips on how best to clean this up??

Here is where I am now.  Note the soiling and creases...

This is what it will look like once all done!


  1. I can't tell the difference between your work and the picture! Awesome job.